Sunday , July 3 2022

Administrative management posts have been removed in bowling to save system transport


EastCak has reduced its management management by reducing the decrease in 21 to 9% and "improving profits and running livelihood".

The renewal of power-efficient power has announced that its 189 process was launched on November 7.

"It was not an easy task, and I am working to eliminate all of them in a hurry. We have helped reduce the number of FBs from 21 to 9, as a result of regulating or regulation." CEO Foxy Habib said that the new organization has been established with its strategic strategy.

New design

The new organization means direct reports of Group Group Chief Executive in 10 shortcuts in the short run, while more financial Officers are called Chief Financial Officers, Eskom.

"In addition, all the Central General Manager's role has been terminated."

On Sunday, told the Fund 24 In an internal notebook, Hadi has been told to media practically that in the past management, there were employee executive posters who were not members, but used to occupy senior general management levels.

This work has been removed from the task to reduce work level and to enhance the control spin.

Money, money, money

Power Power Usage, which is described as a risk for SA's healthcare by Credit Reporting agencies, is tough with debt R419bn and is looking for the government's guarantee.

NEXT was later forced to execute load shedding in November and due to spending costs spent on power.

President Silem Ramofos appointed an Asker Poverty Testing Team, who strongly advised the government to resolve the operational, construction and financial challenge of Eskom between December.

Khaseela deck is said to be the team's duty, with the solution to various acrobatical issues, which includes "vast power, management and economic expertise".

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