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Australian date of issue, price, pre-order, and more


After Battlefield 1 reversed the clock back into the Great War, DICE returns the series to its roots with the absorbing new portrait of the Second World War.

Battlefield V brings a new single player campaign, a rebuilt multiplayer experience with customizable soldiers, weapons and vehicles, and the new Firestorm combat mode along the gaming industry.

In the real form of Battlefield you will fight in the land, at sea and in the air in historical conflicts all over the world – from Rotterdam warships to the Arctic Circle and the North African desert.

It promises to be the most intense, submerging and innovative entry into the battlefield yet. We have compiled all the best deals, as well as all the information you need to deploy The game is released in Australia on November 20, 2018 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.


Battlefield V is currently available for pre-orders in Australia from participating retailers. As players are accustomed to, there are a number of pre-order bonuses depending on the release of the game you buy.

If you are a computer player, you have the chance to get the game really soon. If you sign up for Origin Premier Access subscription ($ 19.99 a month), you can play the game from November 9.

Standard Edition

Each standard pre-order is shipped with Enlister. These include Firestorm rangers, a special task, a parachute set and instant access to five Battlefield 1 weapons.

Pre-ordering on EB Games will also get you exclusive Battlefield V Steelbook.

luxury editions

The Deluxe Edition includes the Enlister offer from Standard Edition, as well as the ability to play Battlefield V a basic game five days earlier, six paratroopers, special special tasks, and 20 weekly Airlifts adaptation items.

By pre-ordering the deluxe issue, you will be able to play the game from November 15, 2018.

BFV Deluxe benefits

The Deluxe Edition includes timely access, cosmetics and special tasks.

What to expect in Battlefield V

The most brutal, submerging and extensive warfare in the game. You will feel as each wheel wobbles around your ear and you feel how each lethal shell penetrates into the dirt beside you.

"World War II, like you've never seen before," is the slogan of the game and they do not care. Playing in the game Battlefield V they will feel more frightening, more realistic and more demanding than ever before.

And all multiplayer and solo experiences will take place in the largest and most dynamic sandstone environments in franchise history.

Single player campaign

Unlike Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which has decided to completely cancel the solo campaign, EA has decided to double its single player bids.

The War Story Campaign will show the untold stories of World War II. You will play as diverse characters in places around the world, fighting for and against several different nations.

There are five stories in total: prologue, Nordly, Tirailleur, Under Flag and The Last Tiger. The mission will range from hidden offers such as the story of a young female fighter in occupied Norway to the desperate ending state of the German tank commander at the time of the death of the war.

It sounds amazing, and if it's half as good as a campaign Battlefield 1, I'll get rid of tears.


Battlefield V comes with some completely new modes and multiplayer maps, allowing you to build and play in a combination of exciting ways.

In addition to favorite fans such as Conquest, Dominance and Team Deathmatch, Final Stand, Frontlines and Breakthrough modes will be introduced.

There is also Airborne, a new type of match that sees one side falling into a map to sabotage artillery weapons while the team on the ground fights to defend them.

But the big message is Battlefield VGrand Operations Mode. He sees you playing as an ally or an ally soldier who has the task either to attack or defend the place.

It will take place in four days in the game, the matches will take place on multiple maps, each with a different game mode. Your progress – and whether you win or lose – will depend on how well you do every day.

Say you have trouble with enemies on the first day; that is, on the second day you will be on troops and supplies. The Rukodenec on the third day means that leading to the last battle on the fourth day, you work with limited ammunition, with low means and no respawns.

EA's website insists that you have to "fight the last man, fight for the last breath."

Tides of War is a limited duration initiative that provides a steady stream of new modes, maps and devices Battlefield V post-launch.

Firestorm Battle Royale

Yeah, as well as seemingly every other game released in 2018, Battlefield V he will have a royal battle regime called Firestorm. Now you know the exercises: squads face in the victorious battle of survival.

EA has confirmed that gameplay, vehicles, weapons and colossal destruction, which are synonymous with multiplayer fighting experience, will move into a new combat regime.

BF5 battle kingdom

Another regime of the Battle of Royale threatens to have a share in the PUBG market.

EA and DICE have been strained for what exactly the way will be. We know, however, that Firestorm will be made up of 16 teams and will be held on the largest Battlefield map ever.

Instead of a storm, the fight will be confined to a fire ring that slowly reduces the battlefield and the units will have to deliver targets that provide better equipment.

Unfortunately, Firestorm will not be available immediately Battlefield V is running. According to the road map issued by DICE, it was postponed until March 2019.

"Battlefield V is home to DICE as a studio – a return to the era that has come to define Battlefield franchise, "said Oskar Gabrielson, CEO of EA DICE in his statement.

"But just like nostalgia as in World War II, we wanted to question the preconception of time with an unexpected display of this familiar environment.

"Our vision with Battlefield V is to let players explore the new and insignificant aspects of the conflict that shaped the modern world.

"The rate of each battle and level of immersion is unlike anything we've done before at Battlefield and the players are on an epic journey."

Battlefield V is available globally on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC on November 20th.

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