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Baraka Via Chapa United 03 February 2019


Abasement Premiership

Teams Beat vippippa United Nations

Date: 03 February 2019

Place Peter Mica Stadium

Regulation Candidates Baracco F.C. and Chapa Unit Fighting in the first match of a fascinating past in Peter Mica Stadium.

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Barakas are only going to fight for this season to fight with their event, later in the midst of the fall, Nebbik jumped through a glass of Homomonum mosquitoes.

Despite Alizée, the Limpopo failed to conquer the last men in their last-last conquest, the last one was Art Andlando's pirates.

On the top of the chapel, the feeling of Clanton Larson's impression seemed to be impressive, because he defeated him at the inauguration of Martzber Unit.

Prior to Larson's rule, Chilean boys failed to replace their previous five games with middle coach Jail Massoud.

Chapa keeps this time on a rugged place and is a snake behind Baroka, which is seen in the 13th position.

Chale has instantly claimed the boys, when he met both sides in Port Elizabeth, and got the only goal for a 1-0 win with Elementally Mighty.

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How is it here

Baroka: Confirmation.


Uncle 42. Mizilla, 47. Currabumoma, 4 Mexican, 20. Sheetlo, 8. Galilee, 21. Tulian, 44. Carmen, 12. Malpiano, 32. Lincoln, 19. Minxina 7. Minxini.

Members: 28. Mamaam, 34. Motova, 24. Gueminine, 17. Clot, 18. Mobile, 25. Minxine, May May.

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