Sunday , July 3 2022

Camera of popup movies and fullscreen as well as ASUS Zincfonz Disney Petet


Since this year, with the ASP user display, ZinPhone 5 and ZinPhone started 5Z, which can provide users with great screen. A few months ago, many prototypes of XinPhone 6 have been shown that Taiiani Company is considered to be a diverse variety of screen-screen camcap holes. Go Digital Digital has shown today that the company offers more than a dozen designs for your users to a higher-level display for smartphones.

In August, many Disney Patterson was defeated by the ISSO's European Real Estate Office (EUIPO). On December 22 and December, these were published to show the patterns of different smartphone designs that companies can use for its smartphone phones.

A popup is a new company with ASUS Smartphone with Budapest Camera that has packed the company. Designer Patrick is hiding in the tops of fullscreen designs and pop-up Budi Sniper devices on a screen phone such as Getaway AA smartphone. The speaker's smartphone can be seen on super-slim chest batteries.

For popup cameras, Taiiani company has understood three different shapes, which include a small model for the camera facing the camera, a second wide, which is more automated than one camera and one that can be included in a particular model. . It may be possible to find a variety of high-definition censorships for 3D detection.

Another fullscreen design in patents documents is a screen-hole hole, which was seen on recent screen phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy A8s and Hanoi Nova 4. As shown in the following statement, the new design has a small hole. The top left corner of the display for the front camera. The speaker is still placed on the standby's thin slip address.

The popular YouTuber C4ETech Captured some prototype files in October which showed different events for the camera in front of them. One of the following suggestions is given from the following: Zenifix shows the same pattern as 6 Galaxy A8 and Nova 4 phones. There were other devices included in one of the following videos:

The ASS has hoped that the XinPhone 6 Series Mobile World Congress (MW) 2019, a tax-trade show in February this year. Additionally, with the help of Xinfo 6 and Zen Fans 5Z, it may be shown with the top display.

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