Tuesday , July 5 2022

Chelsea News: Mickey and Ronaldo claim to Eden Hazard's football game


It is an incredible claim of Belgian manager, Chris Martin.

After the past six months, he has been helping to help market the market of the market in Russia in the World Cup.

After transferring to the Royal Medals in the long run of the age of 27, then the Prime Minister went on Steamford Bridge after the start of the Premier League series and 21 shows all the goals in 10 goals and nine assistants.

Their shape has ended for a while because their last nine League games have started just once again, but maybe it was probably the best player of the World Football a few months ago.

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It looks like the Hazara and Barcelona City Star and his long time arose between the Cialan Ronaldo, which is now in Judas.

The Chassis boss golden 40 bullets in the deadly serial and he referred to the series of match-winning series Goalboat Goalboat, while Caesar ApplePeople said "Messi, Cristiano, is 50 years of the year and is very sad in England.

"But by his point of view, if he achieves the goal and setting up the assistant, he has more aggression in the box, he would be at the top of his game. He is the best one for all."

And martial beliefs that Hazara linked to the Radical Medals – whatever he did, but Chelsea never had a good deal in his performance.

Tell Martin to Tire that "On international level, I am just playing a pearl game.

"If you take Rule and I Messi, I do not think you can find another player as a decision.

"Edwin has conquered the League in Lille, a team that has no right to win.

"And he conquered the Chaseisi in two different plans.

He said he is a leader of a nation in the World Cup to win the Champions Medical.

"Stability exists there, and it is now the best time for its nature."

Sky games Fellow Paul Masonson has convinced he can do anything through Manchester City to challenge his counterpart.

He said, "When he is in his best beauty, it is better. He can defeat the three talents and score one goal, and I can not see many people in the country."

"Yes." [Kevin] This evil [Raheem] Sterling and Els do not take their team but can be Hazara. The first few months of this session, you can argue that he is the best player in the world football.

"We have seen that there are diarrhea in the past, and it needs to be straightforward, but if one wants to buy a player from playing one, it's a pleasure."

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