Tuesday , July 5 2022

Chim Yunts charts for making full-sized demos by mapping MB2 billion


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Chim Yun-Phantans are very small coats in the movies, but in real life, it's actually a paralyzed and low-profile verb that you can get. In fact, he has made a new update that he gets charity after all his sickness. Wow!

"It's not a matter that is for you. When you have gone for a day, you should leave others to use it. You can not make money on your side with you after death." The last week with an interview with the South Korea Manova Broadcasting Corporation.

Source: Wmagazine

According to the CNA life, many millions of 63 years have made it a list of the world's most paid actors of the forbes list of the world. The same place was compiled in 2015 and worth $ 715 million (RM2.9 billion dollars) worth the report, which it needs to be removed.

Interestingly, Hong Kong media is making a wild estimate about its real estate and some have come here with a subtle number. To answer him, someone said he himself does not know how important it is. It shows how much he is about his money.

Apart from this, his Singapore wife, Jasmine Tan, has shown full support for the decision to gather all his wealth.

It is not the first time, who has a buddy to bribe spending. It was not too long, his wife stopped touching her using a Nokia phone until she died!

Check the whole story below.

It also reads: That Yunna-Moti can be done as a single, but it only costs RM400 / month and uses the 17yo Nokia phone.

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