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Images | ‘Please don’t kill me’ – woman pleads with gunman before being killed in a Cape Town mass shooting


There is a bullet in the garage door with gunmen shooting indiscriminately at guests attending a 21st birthday ceremony at a house in Middles Plain.  (Supplied)

There is a bullet in the garage door with gunmen shooting indiscriminately at guests attending a 21st birthday ceremony at a house in Middles Plain. (Supplied)

  • Police have launched a 72-hour activity plan to track down the culprits responsible for the shootings in Nashville, Mich., On Tuesday night.
  • Guests were celebrating their 21st birthday when gunshots were fired from Green Honda Blvd.
  • The Lentijour Community Policing Forum is pushing that anyone with information should report it to the police.

“Please Don’t Kill Me” – Those were the last words in illing – a woman seconds n seconds r night shout n before r gun gun n night last night at a house in Mandalay Field in Mandalay, indiscriminately firing on guests attending the 21st anniversary celebration. ڪيو.

A woman died and seven others were injured due to bloodshed. Today’s casualty and injuries are five to five years.

David Moffat, who lives in the house where the shooting took place, said they were having a party when the assailants opened fire on the guests.

“We had heard [murdered] The woman ing laughed: ‘Please don’t kill me’. And the moment we saw a car passing by and firing [started]General Chat Chat Lounge The woman who shot them was with us at the party – she went to the store to buy some of this door downstairs, “said Mufti.

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“Many of the guests who came here are nurses, teachers and young people. No one has anything to do with any group. Everyone was ified in when they heard the sound of eight bullets, ”he said.

Seven people were injured in the shooting

A bullet hole in a speaker. (Supplied)

One woman was killed in the shooting.

He said he did not think the incident was related to the group.

“Gang and gangster shoot at us randomly?” Nobody has anything to do with gangsters. Everyone was ified in the terrain when they started shooting. It was out of some movies – I felt that if I didn’t walk in I would have died, “he said.

Byron De Villiers, chair of the Lentijour Community Policing Forum (CPF), insists that anyone with information about the shooting should contact authorities.

“We cannot let people shoot randomly in our communities. It has been assumed that the shooting is gang-related, but this has not been confirmed, ”he said.

In the meantime, police have implemented a 72-hour action plan to find the culprits behind the shooting.

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Western Cape Police spokesman Colonel Andrew Trott said the gunman opened fire on the Green Honda Blvd.

Confidence said:

The victims, aged between five and 26, were taken to a hospital where a 24-year-old woman later died. While the detectives are collecting evidence that they knew the purpose of the cowardly attack on the teen, the public is requested to come up with information that can help us with our investigation.

He added that additional resources were deployed in the Lentijur policing area to “stabilize the situation” and assist detectives in their investigation.

“These forces will remain in the area until we are satisfied with the progress of our operational efforts,” he said.

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