Sunday , December 5 2021

Offer $ 1.5 million to eliminate Aryana Green Totot


With Aryana accident, tribute to a small charcoal street with Japanese encoding when she took the name of her new 7 Rains.

File: American singer Arana Grenin. Image: @Arrangement / Installation

A Tattoo Removal Company has offered Ariana Grain a price of $ 1.5 million if she uses it to finish a new tank.

Sindh Thanks, the next Hitler worked with a Japanese museum tribute to a small charcoal street, which lasted on a weekend when he wanted to get his own new name. 7 colors.

Titan was edited by Aryana "Sherinin" but it now translates on "Japanese ill-finger" and has helped a hit-up company to help her get rid of money and pay money Doing

The TMZ Reports Written Eve sent a letter to the last week, which offered 1.5 million dollars to star a photo / video show at the location of Laser Air, which will be used in social media, print and viral campaigns.

A letter from the company of President, Ted Heckman also asks a monthly social media post about every month Laser Air.

It ends with these words, "Thank You, The Little Little Barbie Pink."

Ariana's manager's scorer told Brunon on the website: "I can not speak for Arien, we have not received the letter, whenever they are ready to send me a chance, I'm sure I get a tattoo. Be happy to go and then this album is based on your upcoming album from your upcoming album.

Ariana has already registered this error with the error that has been added to the "Shirririna" word.

Nevertheless, Ariana says she is not planning to make it so that she has claimed that she was not able to face long suffering, and the hope was not going to stay the door permanently. .

He acknowledged the error on his Twitter account, he wrote it in a message: "Truly, I got out [some characters] Which should be in the middle This one does not show me more than one sign. But this place is also a tile and it's not at all if I did not care enough that I'd be hunting her tomorrow "

And she confessed that she liked a messaging message.

He added: "Little Babe Girls (sic) too big fan …"

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