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Real medals offered Liverpool's Target Nabil Factor


The migration window can be closed for all of the biggest clubs in Europe, but they are still working indefinitely behind the queue until they come to the star. Trans Trans Transmitting the media of the world when someone can hit your club when it's January 1.

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Nabil FighterAccording to the market, the target of a Liverpool transfer in the summer is also on a Chilean radar, the real medals are offered.

The current deal of the age of 25 ends in 2020, and Leo President Jean-Marcus Alas wants to sell him before he or she has been sold for a free sale.

Midland has said that the middle football player is searching for, which can play the same role for Billon Dee or Winner. 33 years, Loop mode

Faker, the World Cup winner with France, won the Manchester City in September 2-1 in September, and was finalized by the final final of 2018 before the start of the French season.

Live blog

11.05 GMT: Borisia has rejected reports linked to the Dortmund modifier Julian Wiggles One January with Pierce Saint is going to summer.

Bill said that there was a purpose for the Vigil 23 military chamber, but the director of the Dreadman Director Director Director Director Outdated.

"We will never allow any of the players to move our goals," writes him by cooker. "We need four games for two sports-based field spots."

10.15 GMT: Armison's hopes to sign Lil Wayne Pepe Pepe Gutta is coming to hand that they should break their migration record to target them.

The Talit Sports Director Luis Campus writes that the International Pep's Arsenal Fund costs 72 rupees, to remove him from Leo 1, which paid more than 56 miles to Pierre Emergency Ayubong last January.

09.25 GMT: Badin News Manchester and Union fans hope that the clubs can strengthen their defense in January's window. Congo Colombian Maybe the table can be closed.

According to Italy's reports, the Napolean Defender has expanded his Napoleon agreement till 2040, and has tried to play a leading actor in the club.

Pepper Peak (Mark Thompsonson, Football Wears): In Arsenal Multan

I Arsenina Vandar The Italian newspaper has been presented in a report by a report after receiving a job on the MEN. Guinea GatesThe job is in balance, the paper report, with its imagination.

The common link is, definitely, Ivan GazidisWho left his role in Arsenal to get an administrative status in Multan.

The room in Rome

Roma gets interested in moving forward to Chelsea Mai Bashuiye, Which is currently on Valencia's debt, is reporting Korean Corolla Support.

Under the age of 22 Patrick Skik According to the address, the exit goes out of the room, and Sarsi is probably possible to be batswas on one side.

In this season of the 25-year-old Baljian, this purpose has only achieved one goal.

That's right

Light molecule It has been noted that the Burstingham Mile report can report that it can change its debt permanently in the West Burch Alliance.

The new 28 year name was part of the Lip Depp deal with the New Zealand Unit Sea rails Tennis-and-the-West Bomber fans had called him "Sign up up".

"It may be on the bench," Mulai said later, "but the most important thing for me to develop this season and ends in the top."

Leave a jet plane

The "soup" is making for the journal Geet Williams According to Daily Mail, January transfer window.

Riffle Bates keeps his defense option, especially the left position, and the 24-year-old Williams, in the bill of raising the bill in the Eastport Frankfurt.

The fee was more than $ 4.5 million, which Frankfurt played for Holland last year, when he could compete with Roma to defend the ship from Newcastle and Newcastle.

The transfer of military visas to military forces gives accountability to the forces about five.

Douglas Costa Manchester Unit – 4.1

According to Calciomercato, the Manchester United 28-year-old Wing has presented $ 60 million, but has changed by the University. Nevertheless, Output has been told that the United States will provide lending lending of the United States only for the summer money for the money laundering manager.

Adrien Salva Sports – 4.0

Salva has clarified that Leisester, Portuguese newspaper A Bola is willing to take a break on her to get out of the report. He has struggled that it was unable to play the game in the first team under Claudeld, and then the game was played from the East Modal for six months and 14 hours. The only thing that took an immense return was to pay, the money was spent, and it should help to reduce the demand for the reduction of the demands of the resolution.

Haroon Rames Joyce 3.4

According to Scotland, José likes Arsenal's pioneer for free summer transfer. Both of the clubs have also been moved in the move, but have been priced at the cost of the 27-year contractual agreement.

Summer Guys Pears Center Summer to 3.3

The ISI's IITI has been interested in the reported Gueye, but is still using regular references to the modifier, Scotts reported. Eaton's 6-2 trimmum was defeated in Hatspur, which was unavailable through the guinea wound, thus to sell their resistance,

Standard Medical Jedon templates – 3.0

With the performance of his 18-year-old Borjian Dormandy, this series has hit the series, and they say Marko, especially the eyes of Red Medadines. Caring for carpenters is a mastermind for many years Martin Odyssey? But they will also have to fight with Barcelona and the Beerines.

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