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The largest solved assistant 2018


In a year when the President was accompanied by Congress leaders and the citizens fought on the set Mental Health Waste On the instagram, it is difficult to believe that there is more information left behind mysteries. But nothing was taken out before our eyes.

As coming to the end of 2018, some stories that have made great surprises and most of the readily read questions have been read. Here's a look at things that do not even know yet.

Is the term of administration of these trumpet anonymously called "resistance"?

Got a single article Billions of billions A few days in September: The President of the Trump Administrator, in the Trump Administration, has claimed the SEA admit by the New York Times that The part of "resistance" He said, "It is working to reduce the parts of your entrepreneur and to cope with its worst development." A group of author executive executives tried to upset some of the president's actions, and convinced the Americans that "he is adult in the room."

The readers choose the selected online words and write the most sought-to-speech to those who write it. Is this Vice President Pais, one of the most common words of an article, "lodestar"? Is it one of the members of the Cabinet that criticized the growth during the trip 2016? Did not we ever hear anyone behind our scenes? Whenever it was, the author retained their names, and could still work in the Trumpet Administration today.

Mig Million Dollars Take $ 1.5 billion?

A fate of 2018 is unexpected. By October end, the price of Mega Millions' gait was $ 1.5 billion, the second lottery drawing in American history. And then a solo سهولین, South Carolina, Simison said a facility store 22,000 – Sell ​​the battering ticket.

Until that day, we do not know who to buy or that champion has also claimed cash. And we can never find out, because South Carolina is one of the few states, which the lottery is as impossible.

Is A Breeding Trip Tap Originally Available?

During the Fifth 2016 about the Donald Trum's Secret Recording, he said using the word "Up Appets" on the set. But they became a great story of the tape in 2018, two places have been given to bring them soon.

The actor Tom Arnold The Victorians for the winner of the Whole Autumn World series trip tape. Slideshow ended with slideshow.

In addition, the former "Apprentices" Star and White House Officer Umersa Manigut-Newman The recording started issuing that she was secretly created as her memorandum, "Unexpected." A record, Received by CSB News, The arrested traffic was an importantly discussed on-line tape and it was public to respond. Omarko claimed that whatever was the tap, it was going to be around the middle. But the elections have come and, if there is no one – never came out.

Along with all, Mr. Trumpp has sometimes announced to be typing in August, "I do not have the word in my word."

Is there a mysterious "polio-like" in the child's cause of illness?

This year, a disease-based illness disease disease system in the US is a disease of anxiety disease (MM), which can often affect children. Spreading polio virus, compared to spread, which ended America with vaccines several decades earlier. The CDC said that this year, there are 165 cases of 36 cases in 36 states. The rate of 35 state states in 201 states is in 2017. More than 90% of children are in children.

But despite the major consideration for further progress, it is still still inferior to the illness. "This is a true mysterious illness"CBI told a senior officer, BBC News, although Scientists are working hard to eliminate it." CDC says it is not aware that the biggest reason for AFM cases is, And there is no special treatment for the illness. Not accepted Human beings

The agency's methodologies include washing your hands and preventing mosquitoes, can access the MM to reduce the risk of viral infections. Get polio vaccin to protect against hazardous viruses, although the CCD noted that no EMM patients in the US did not take positive results of polio.

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