Sunday , July 3 2022

The next year, phones remain on the flights, SAA says


South Africa Airways (SAA) passengers do not need more than that to keep their cellphones out of their starting year on their vessels.

SAA spokesman Spokeswill told the Tillie Times that the airline was allowed to close the power of the Civil Aviation Authority (CEA) to close the air.

"Tali" said that we are in the process of implementing the concept where visitors do not need to stop during their mobile phones, turbines and landing.

"Feedphones will be placed on the float mode during those stages. SAA is currently changing security videos, protective samples and its immediate magazines to reflect these changes."

Changes will be covered in the first quarter of 2019.

This means that a plane can be placed on a plane in the plane, which is available on Wi-Fi if the traveler allows internet access. At this time, SAA, FluSefir and Kulua have no files, but FlatWave is available in the market, which are flying some British airways. How many air flights provide airfit?

Lewis, authorizing CNA spokesperson, said that their rules are not possible to use electronic devices on the board.

He said that in the past, globally it has been shown that the phone will interfere with the signal and equipment of the signal plane.

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