Tuesday , October 4 2022

Tom Moyane warns of President Ramaphos's admission to court


South African President Cyril Ramaphos.
South African President Cyril Ramaphos.

PRETORIA: Commissioner Tom Moyane of the former South African tax office (Sars) said he would take President Cyril Ramaphos to the Constitutional Court if he does not change his shot.

Moyane also says that if the court decides in favor of it, the entire document on which it has decided to shoot it will be dropped.

Moyane made comments in a letter sent to the president on Monday. He handed over to the President until noon on Friday to cancel his decision to terminate his contract or face him being taken to court.

The former Commissioner appealed to the court to declare that the Sars Investigation Commission was unlawfully established, acted outside its jurisdiction, incorrectly made and made invalid findings.

Ramaphosa acted on the recommendations of the Commission's preliminary report and urged Moyan.

Moyan's lawyer, Eric Mabuza, said the letter on the end of President Ramaphos was full of examples of irrationality. Mabuza said it was hard to understand what the president said in the letter.

Mabuza warned Ramaphos that he had decided to terminate his contract with the client because he knew that the issues related to the Sarsa Commission had not yet been determined by the Constitutional Court.

He said that such behavior is adjacent to contempt or unreasonable negligence over ongoing trials, which state that no one could foreclose court trials in such a way.

Mabuza told Ramaphos that such behavior did not reach what was expected from a reasonable president who had taken the oath to obey, obey, and enforce the Constitution.

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