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ا The human body has 206 or 219 bones? How scientists discuss health impacts


The classic manuals of anatomy count 206 bones in the adult human body (ballast).
The classic manuals of anatomy count 206 bones in the adult human body (ballast).

Most annotated texts in Anatomy, from the book Andreas Ruiz-Laird and Michael Latterjet, to the first edition of The Entente Years Gary’s Anatomy, A television series called Impressions that has already completed 17 seasons, assures that the adult human skeleton has 206 bones, a person for which all major medical organizations, such as. Cleveland Clinic Where René Favaloro was. Some or the author brings that figure to 208 or 213.

However, A Columbia anatomy professor believes that the actual number of bones is 219 and has begun a campaign to persuade his colleagues.General Chat Chat Lounge

“Anyone would believe that anatomy is thought or established, that it is a dead science, that it does not have an original part to be original. Anyway, a few years ago, when I was teaching on the basics of the consulting system, I repeat the traditional shape: that the bones are 206. And at that time I realized that something was wrong … that the bones were wrong ed.“, Oscar Elizet Mezia, Doctor of Biomedical Sciences and Professor of Anatomy in CALLS, in CALLS, Autonomous University of Menzies, Colombia at Obio InfobaeCYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD

Oscar Alizette Mejia, Doctor of Biomedical Sciences and Professor of Anatomy at the Autonomous University of Menzies in Coles, Colombia, maintains that there are 219 bones in the human body (Credit: Oscar Alzet)
Oscar Alizette Mejia, a doctor in biomedical sciences and professor of anatomy at Columbia’s autonomous University of Menzies, maintains that there are 219 bones in the human body (Credit: Oscar Alzet)

That kind of revelation, or epiphany, led him to ruthlessly ask a group of 20 students from different careers (medicine, physiotherapy, physical education, anthropology and dentistry) to make a new carry count. “And indeed, We found that the bones were 219, for reasons, because they fuse the bone at a certain age and not counted, when in fact they thought there were five or three.“Said Lizette.

Academic published its new proposal with two colleagues, Nicholas Geraldo-Hughes and Liz Veronica Alvaran-Aringo, in a 2016 article in the Revista de la Facultad de Medicina, an official publication of the National University of Colombia. And since then, it has also been featured in congressional features and spread through social networks, where it claims to have received positive comments.

According to a Columbia researcher, at a certain age, the bones fuse and count one, when in fact they think there are five or three (ballast).
According to Colombian researchers, bones meet at a certain age and are counted when one considers that there are actually five or three (gutty).

But does that mean writing books here? Not important, or at least not so fastGeneral Chat Chat Lounge “These are the bones 206 A very strong example,” he admittedGeneral Chat Chat Lounge And no example will be eliminated overnight.

Year to year, fewer bones

According to the Orthodox classification of the adult vertebrae, 206 bones are distributed: 8 in the skull, 14 in the face, 6 in the ears, 26 in the ears, 25 in the spine, 4 in the shoulder, 4 in 2 inches. The pelvic girdle, 60 in the top limbs, 60 in the yin bs in them and 1 neck in the bra, the tongue under it (hyoid bone). Last June, a 6-year-old Indian managed to successfully identify and name those identities in just 36 seconds.

Anatomy of the human bone G-calculation in a classical manual
Anatomy of the human bone G-calculation in a classical manual

However, Alzette said, those 206 bones are a kind of average adult bone, but This calculation does not take into account that the numbers vary over time and many of the bodies that have been donated to medical schools or are of advanced age for anatomy studies. “We die with fewer hands than we had time to at least?” do not A 25-year-old has 219 different bones that begin to fuse from then onGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Thus, to count the propositions in their proposals, Alzet distinguishes between groups of different parts of the arms that are “considered aggregates of bone”, but in fact they are not.

The sternum, a chest there, is a fragment in the elderly, and there are three separate fragments in the young: the humanities, the body, and the Zyphoid process.General Chat Chat Lounge The sac, which provides strength and stability to the elbows, is one of the five telescopes that begin to fuse between 16 and 18 years and complete the process at age 30. In fact, there are five magnetic spinal bones, such that there are twelve arthritis nerves that pass through the thoracic thoracic artery. It has been us we have no significant “alah,” abstract Alzate.

"The sternum, a chest containing the bone, is one piece in the elderly and three separate fragments in the young: manubrium, body and xiphoid process.", Noted Elzet (Gatti)
“The sternum, a pelvic bone, is a fragment in the elderly and three separate fragments in youth: humanity, the body and the Zyphoid process,” said Alzette (Getty).

Similarly, the coax, which is the terminal structure of the vertebral column, is the vertex of four vertebrae that fuse between 20 and 30 years.General Chat Chat Lounge And the coxal bone, another member of the bony pelvis, is healed by three bones (ilium, ischium and pubis) that come together over a period of time that passes between 15-17 and 23 years. “Although it is true that every coxal bone acts as a bone and the fusion is strong, the anatomists usually analyze them as if they were three bone bones, a situation which should not be different at the time of counting. “, Arguments Alzate, Giraldo and Alvarán.

Thus, where the book lists four hands, Imagine 5 + 3 + 4 + 3 = 15, with a total of 219 219 DVDs.General Chat Chat Lounge The figures exclude so-called sesamoid bones, which are bone structures that hold the edges in different sizes and quantities, except for the exception of the knee cap, which is listed. The internal bones of the skull, which are healed in some people, are also not covered.

Formerly an alumnus professor, George Duke Pira, PhD in Neuro Science and Behavioral Biology, Professor of Anatomy at the University of Caldas, in Caldas, Columbia, and a member of the Pan American Association of Anatomists, his scholarly scholarship. Is, as Infobae referred to.

“But it is not possible to give a precise number, because there are people who can develop more bone, for example, the sesamoid bone in the bone or the back of the leg and various internal bones in the skull. Therefore, assume that a fixed value of bones is wrong in the human body.General Chat Chat Lounge Although the amount is higher than the amount given in textbooks ”, stresses the Duke.

Classical Anatomy Books state that the bones of the human body are 206 (Credit: Oscar Alzette)
Classical Anatomy Books state that the bones of the human body are 206 (Credit: Oscar Alzette)

“I continue to defend that the bones are 206”

In contrast, specialists or specialists are less open to review numbers. “The work is very clear. But as a Senior Lecturer in Anatomy and Traumatology, Vice President of the Argentine Association of Anatomy And hip and knee surgeon, age 56, I continue to defend that the body bones are 206 and I think that is not discussed“, He is referring to Infobio Pablo LaFala, Professor of Mendoza University, Argentina.

According to Lafalla, there can be 3, 4 or 5 parts in any hand, but if they are ss heel and together it is difficult to preserve the quality that they have to al. Let’s count. “There are different skull bones, which are many eggs, but there are fragments that divide them even though they are nailed to a g. In coxal arms, for example, the bone is completely identical, the actin is uniform, and there is no difference between the pubes, the ischium, and the elum ”, he argued.

By agreement or by the number of eligible or not, Alzette insists that this proposal proves that it is possible to have critical thinking in Anatomy and that Thor thinks the book is affecting.General Chat Chat Lounge Through the videos he uploads to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitter accounts of his Facebook blog, Alizet also intends to spread knowledge and eliminate myths about the topic, such as “Reading Bones and Bones.” Will be.

Galen did a lot to understand the human body, but then Anatomy’s father, Vesalius, came and revolutionized everything. So I think that everything can be reviewed further. Anatomy is an explanation, it is an observation, it is an accuracy. Anatomy is like basic math math! And then it is important to try to describe the structures better and better, which could be biomechanical, orthopedic or semiological effects for signs of the disease ”, concludes Alizet.

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