Saturday , December 4 2021

& # 39; Magnetic Graphic & # 39; Emphasizes the success of breaking the law of law


Under some cases, graphic material can switch from an insulator to a collar, once a time it is impossible to be invalid by the physics law.

A team from Cambridge University University, along with its artificial & # 39; Musical Material & # 39; As well as a thing that has been graphically known and acquired something that could be used in future generation and remedial devices.

Their shares will be published Physical Review Letters, The researcher described that the use of iron typhoidifphysphus (FePS3) – usually the & # 39; magnetic graphine & # 39; What is used, it is possible that material under the material is possible to control the ink.

Initially on the regular graphine, the FPS3 was first created in the 1960s. When both of the two formats are formatted, the FEPS3 is magnetic, as is not graphic. Despite the unusual power and the graphic of the graphic, the fact is that it is in magnetic stock such as magnetic storage and infertility, so researchers are looking for magnetic materials that are graphic-based.

Magnet in 2D

For this study, researchers were found under the sharp pressing of approximately 10 gigascides at the buildings of the PPSs 3. It became apparent that the material was capable of transit transactions, which the state can be converted between a conductor and control, as a result of which pressure can be converted into a pressure.

These materials are inferior to their christalist composition of ships due to poor mechanical strengths. Under pressure, the vessels are collected, slowly reduce the system by three to two dimensions, and to the extent of the insulator.

"Magnet in 2D is in place of almost the effect of physiological lawsuit, but it proves true in this material," Dr. Sebastian Hanses, the first writer of the paper, said.

Because these materials are compatible with cheap, non-poisonous and easy-to-use, they can soon be included on graphically-based devices.

"We have tried to study these materials to understand their properties as a strong ideology," said Hanses. "Understanding it will eventually be pressed by engineering tools, but we need a good experimental point of view for the ideological cooling."

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