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47 people of Reiki Mars, who broke all the prejudice


The artwork should be as it is. And he must be alone, to overcome nature of his fans. But it was wrong. And later all the troubles of the managers were shocked, record labels and media, Kept markets Today, 47 years old, her husband, John Yousuf, her children, Valinino and Matteo, and embraced the love of their unconscious pastures.

On December 24, 1971, Enrique Martin Morales began his career as a child in San Juan de Perro Eku, and became a member of the youth group, in mid 1980s The dust. But, five years later working with the bank, in 1991, he was released as a solo music singer named "Willowf", "A Merry Wear" and "Maria", which sell thousands of millions of articles and all types of Place a reward. Grammy, Billboard and MMV.

(Video: Nightlife, Telif)

However, in addition to its disliked datasheets, kept always displayed one with a privilege and unique pattern. And due to this, immediately, the juice listed it as a sex symbol on the international level. In fact, many have shown him the most beautiful person in the world on his own.

The marketing experts feel that the best way to keep women's socks against women and women is that the image of the person is very important, and especially for them all are especially inevitable. And in some way they had accepted the idea of ​​the Puerto Rico that they would recognize their co-existence and the family members.

However, on 6th August 2008, there was a single way of doing Karan Radi Surgeonization procedure. And, on March 29, 2010, he published a letter to Twitter and added the world to the world in which he created his own public.

Then they heard the sounds and sounds without sound. But, far away from all predecessors, felt proud of their customers, for their own personal courage, and started this momentum from such moments and helped to move all these borders.

Added to it, Porto Rican started a very important philosopher. As the founder of the UNICEF ambassador and Reiki Martin Foundation, he created child planning for space, which war against child smuggling and sexual exploitation. And get the goal of saving few people in the awakening charts.

Your idea was that day by day increasing by day. And, despite the authority of the Independent Directorate permanently, the new generation can also be heard, which love urban music and incorporate non-conditional people from the time of "Libanon La Maida Muka", "Vena Pak" ", A feature written with him or" fever "
Collaboration with Wins and URLs.

Today, Global is a great living creature of a wonderful family, with Jane, the artist of the evening, who became her husband and two sons who had been seen deadly. In addition to this, he is suffering from his fans with the Sony Footers who burn their social network. And it shows that the artist is not unhappy to use the nature of his audience, so as to be considered in advance.

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