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A car was closed at the airport's airport at the airport inside Barlowa


December 24, 2018

Average speed on the airport reached the first floor of the airport. So far, they thought that it was a problem in the automatic box.

A New Navy Family Accident The middle of the car escaped from the top wing of the airport's airport. So far, it's not sure whether it was, but it could be troubled by a bad or automated box driver.

The accident happened on the Saturday afternoon when a loudly warned warners. In this colorful missionary message and his wife were under the age of 15 years and 18 years old. He was in the playground in the car The second floor of the airport, when he fired.

According to the location of the place, the vehicle was sharpened with the strength and continued. A little bitterness was broken and in its lower part, the chaos was looted. Do not harm other vehicles or buildings due to accident.

A person who was in the lottery with $ 250,000 in corporate and his emotional reaction was viral in the network.

There was no death in the miracle of miracles, because the shield was very busy, but at that time there was no way to go anywhere.

The carriage of the car is fantastic. For many hours it turned to the same as it passed after passing through the ground, in one inch of automatic doors, which would pass through routine routine.

Carpet back was against the walls of a building, whereas occupation of the front road was occupied. Their doors were opened, the roofs had gone completely and some personal things were caused by the intensity of a build.

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The woman, who took the worst part, was shifted to the Regional Hospital. As noted in the administration, His condition is hardened by hard head And in a lie. Other mounts get a normal wound.

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