Saturday , December 4 2021

An eight-month-old woman was killed in an interview with Anthias on her death


The city of the federation, the interstate, the one duty is split, one month's a month She was killed by her friends. Deadly without any significant miracle in the bio-juice of the arisza hospital, where they were executed. A Emergency Sessionary section And they were managed to protect.

The victim is scheduled to leave on Saturday, and the 26-year-old Jeccaica Recognitive identity was identified. When the doctors attended the Guard of the Local Health Center, they felt that they could harm anyone Head and up to date.

In order to protect their children, they decided to take them forward by spending time. The child was referred to as Mrs. Dorn Concordia, a good-looking hospital. Nanotechnology Services Sources told the Innovative Review newspaper: "All the necessary steps are being taken to proceed. Is a delicate and secure state Where is he "

They got a handful and bloody clothes at the slaughtering house.
They got a handful and bloody clothes at the slaughtering house.

After the medical report Ordered the arrest of the assassin's fellow38 years ago, the sad Sacrus, is "more than a tragic shock", which is about to kill him. People had a complaint from Casic to eliminate gender violence A method of restriction of a procedureFrom the end of 2018.

When the Officers searched for their house, Swat District was locatedThey got a hammer and bloody clothes. These items were sent to the laboratory laboratory.

There were two children, three and five, who are now under control of slaughtered mothers. In addition to this, Jill's Mike Mitten said that the woman's runner was the result of a single accident and it was not a crime.

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