Sunday , July 3 2022

Ángel De Brito revealed that the 2019 Dance Dance will not be over


The 2018 dance is short in history, because it started in the year of August and on December 21th December December. Such types of patterns have been removed, and many injuries. Additionally, the fact of the dance of Marco Crane was one of the worst in the history of history, that was always the fourth place in the third or class rank, "Love fell in 100 days", the successful telephone number.

The one who is coming, the driver announced in the last year's year to return to April next year, and in 30 years of Showtime's Hum, he assured that it is Super Dancing 2019, With many unexpected changes. Ask each one what will happen to those who are prepared to produce the LT-tech program, and some of them have been announced to announce.

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The big question is that there is one who will be part of the next year's dance. Contest in previous print, contest added Laurita Fernandez And Florencia Peña, And later they were occupying the Patriarchs of the Pimitas and Moriasian people, after the scandal, he could not stop being disappointed. However, the ability to sugar has been admitted that there were moments which had a very bad time in the cycle.

Who will show how to go to 2019 Ángel de Brito, One who was in a radio interview and threatened his predictions whether the best dance would be 2019, which actually and really lives, has been in his position for many years. "No, but the next year the billions will be found in billionaire, they felt unsatisfied and never found their place." This radio program said in the statement by Productivity California Lawhan Dies.

"Florence's life was very controversial in passing, but she was not used for the role of Jury, I told him to take him not too roughly or personally," he said, "I'm going to return to Mauritius Casán to Jury." With love, he is with his program and he is doing a very good work. There is a dream of a fantastic entertainment world, I loved Pimaa there, Tileel invited him to publish the publications for the publications of 2019. Should be. "

"I thought Jimena's final was to be final, but I really wanted Julian Saranco and the Sophie Morena to conquer other questions: they are the latest, the original, and they dance very much. I love them with the champions. Jimina was very upset, thought she would think as soon as she was, "he analyzed.

He saw that Maryla Annie's last vanishing program is also pointing out: "Do not want to be in the Launcher Final, in the last days, she felt very hungry, Jim Baron and also coach's mother to silence the whole world. I thought it was not wrong, but then the next year. "

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