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Another supermell from the supercell, the Berlin star, will he cut the Royal Royal in the first week?


And here we want to talk about a company titled the Creator title Android Or academic clinic as necessary for iOS, Island beachOr succeeded at the same time, all over the world, Kalash Riley. Well, trying to keep this line in line, only a few days ago, the world's largest part has been available, its new game, Kaffstar Star.

We have a new one Excessive action hunting For mobile devices Supercell It's just a few days back to see that it is doubtful if it's the other acceptance of others Title Older beliefs have come to know that, in the first week of marketplace Berlin stores, there are 10 million dollars in the subsequent revenues. Global Launch.

Then, thanks to the numerical letters in the report as expected The sensor towerSupercell assures that this income is fantastic for the first seven days of bad stars. To them Information We should just add it United StatesThe game raises $ 3 million, while it was too big Successful in the Jupiter They make up to $ 1.6 million in the first seven days.

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Regarding the new success of the same spiral, Berlin star

So and as expected, the number in the hunting has risen DOWNLOAD In the store Google Play Store In 20 countries, at the same time, it is among the top 10 incomes in these 29 countries. Sure, though all of them Income And the number of numbers is very good, the left-handed stars who have not reached the last game of sprinkle till weekends, KILLASH RELAILHowever, in March 2016, when it started globalization, $ 38 million was arranged at that time.

On both sides and downloaders, the Kleash Relay had downloaded about 30 million downloads First weekWhile starvation stars have been almost 15 million. However, an important fact must bear in mind, and it is that the Church Royale started in the title China During his first week, where he got one of his fourth quarters IncomeBut still not stirred up First in the Asian country.

And to finish, second Data It is that Kalashin Reliance has benefited that it is out of a very big game. Successful Supercell is not made of a clan, when associated with the stars Previous games J. The developer.

Kaffstar Star
Kaffstar Star

Have you tried a sponsoring Berlin star from first time, what do you think?

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