Thursday , September 23 2021

Australia to host a Spanish Agency

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The Australian Navy's Sponsorship Agency will be set up in El Salvador, Prime Minister Victoria Marson, in terms of innovation and technology to strengthen South Asia. The Prime Minister said that the Spanish sphere of Australia reaches to a new house and the agency will reach $ 3 345 at the location of the US Open US Dollar for the Local Business Deal. "Our government's work in the 41 million deal of association will work as a starting work-making job of $ 12 billion and 2030 to 20,000 jobs in Australia's coastal economy," Mr Morrison said. "This agency is a part of a plan for a strong economy for South Australia and the country, which is about to deliver long-term, high-level labor, high-quality jobs." Premier Schnison Marshall said that the South Australia was the ideal place for the Spanish Agency, which was already the fastest growing local business partner with the developing sector. "Establishing the main location of the Australian Space Agency in South Australia, starting our level and defense fields at the next level." Minister of Science, Technology and Technology, Kerry Andres, said that the strongest case was hosted by Allied agencies. "In South Australia's sponsored sector, more than 60 organizations have been asked from 800 employees and it has made the decision on the strongest technology and defense of the state." "We are committed to increasing the space sector of Australia and our government has promoted $ 260 million to increase the world's top level satellite talent and will increase GPS accuracy in our cities and regional areas." The Australian Space Agency 2019, in the middle of the old Riley Adelaide hospital, will be located in the mid-July, making 20 jobs. South Africa is the first World War II World Cup 1947 series with the Woomera rocket range established in the north of the country. The Australian Associated Press

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