Wednesday , October 5 2022

Baby Infant Deaths: What Happens To Parents In The United States And In Spain


"You're dead, you're dead!", shouted at the man at Santos Lugares, who is returning to his car in Santos Lugares. When he became shocked by what he heard, he arrived at the vehicle and confirmed the worst: his daughter no longer had a vital sign. She died strangled with a baby seat.

According to police sources, he would forget it for several hours locked in the car. As a result, a 36-year-old man was detained by order from Prosecutor Alejandra Aillaud of UFI Nº1 de San Martín. Now he will face the cause of the death of his own daughter, barely a year.

What has happened recently in the world with cases of parents who have neglected their children to the extreme?

At the end of October in Iowa, in the United States, Zachary Koehn, the father of a child just four months old, died of dehydration and malnutrition. The authorities also decided that Koehn and his mother are also guards the security forces during a lawsuit.

Finally, this Tuesday, his father was convicted of "murder and abuse of children with a deadly result" marked The new herold, This sentence means life. A court for a mother, 21, is about to start.

Also in October a very similar case occurred as Santos Lugares, but in Florida in the United States. Mother forgot the baby inside the car for more than eight hours and died on the wetland.

Emily Bird, 34, was arrested for alleged murder of a minor, her own son, as he was told at the time Miami Herald,

In Madrid, Spain, there was another reality of a common character. In this case, the father forgot a 21-month old child in the car. The man had to take her to the nursery of his work, but when he reached the goal, he forgot and went straight to the task. The girl was unconscious inside the car and eventually died.

Father was accused of "ruthless murder", according to the Spanish portal 20 minutesHe was detained by the police, but he was investigated and eventually waited for the court to develop.

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