Sunday , May 22 2022

British American Tobacco will increase tomorrow


British American Tobacco Argentina announced on Monday that the average cigarette price increase by 7.6% would meet the current inflationary context.

The new prices from Monday November 12 for their main products will be $ 71 for Lucky Strike Red Box 20, $ 68 for Lucky Strike Red KS and $ 40 Lucky Strike Red Box 12, while the Lucky Strike C & R Box $ 75 and Lucky Strike C & R KS $ 71.

The Rothmans Red KS 20 will be $ 56 and Box 20 $ 64, while Rothmans Click KS 20 will cost $ 56 while the Pall Mall KS 20 will cost $ 68.

The company reiterated its concerns about non-compliance with minimum tax payments by other tobacco companies, which affected the possibility of competing under the same conditions.

He also stressed that the increase in the minimum tax, which came into effect on 1 March, on cigarettes, and in particular tobacco products and cigarillos, excluded the only available alternative to tackling illicit trade.

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