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Chicken food: Why is "bad" food very good?


It was told by the BBC's "scientific detective", which is dedicated to the life-saving life of mysterious Adam Rutherford and Mathematical Heya Fra, the radio program "Reformford of Rotterflor and Free", which is a daily life. . Sent by the public.

"What bad food is so good?" Asked by Alan Froorz New Zealand, it was clear that Hwen Thsang, French fries and chocolate.

To find out, Richard Wood and Fred's material scientist and food lover, started talking about the material, which we have explained to us, we usually water our bodies when we are looking at these ill foods.

"We are upset for sweets, for sore and sore, and they will be removed from all these things." Modidik said.

And when they eat, it is light for themselves, and a mind is a taste.

Ironworks, salts and rice produce "food of symphony" in their mouth.

But this language is merely a criminal to just look at our wrong diet path, which is the first to sink us from sin.

That is the property

"Expert" said that the feeling of craving us?

A special kind of food is due to spread our digestive system and claim to claim claiming.

And once we have food in our diet, it is also our nose, which allows us to feel all the taste of our taste.

"These are thousands of flavors, that's something good."

The role that describes bohemics, many examples of boys, a hamburger or a fraternal beacon, are unwanted to heat us, but we should not be interested in it.

"As the fat of food loses its taste because there is a low concentration rate in the lower cell of the tank," said Scientist.

"The gold is golden glucose, which is sweet, and has developed all the evolution like our mind in the way we need to have a good love, because we need it."

And soda?

But if there is a heat in explaining the fat absorption of fat, about one hundred, one of the main competitors of the promotion of motorcycles in the world?

Or chocolate and candles, which give us a high price for eating in our checks.

One of the world's most recognized food experts, Florida University professor, Professor Lindsay Barschek, explained that the program completely casts us from eating.

"The gold is golden glucose, which is sweet, and has developed all the evolution like our mind so that we should love it, because we need it."

It describes that we have been in search of sweet food and we have got them very enjoyable.

Biharodic derivatives are "from taking birth" to this point, and even before it proves that even more genes are fried.

"In the 20-20 years of PPP, the trains in the injection of liver attacks in the Gospel pest and the liver had already begun.

The observation has shown that the fetus loved Pepsi.

Many parts of our body that eat foods, which often cause us to illness.

Full of Receipts

We have already seen that make a plot against our commitment to our language, our nose and our minds to be healthy. But the challenge does not end there.

Our body is many "natural absorption", not only in metal but on the back and paste stage.

And their receipts are also their "anger".

For example, Moti and Protein can not be discovered in the butter, but you've swallowed them, your digestive system changes them into fatty acids and gutthatams, and now just enters your brain. This wonderful trick and protein, "explains Bartashik.

These organizations are unorganized, so they may want to know and understand you, without knowing any kind of food.

Psychological Path

Rootford and Fré also analyze the analysis of non-nutritional food from a psychological point of view.

They discovered that it could be "corrupted" as food, in fact, make it more essential.

"When you mislead your food, you have created the feeling of food capability that you should think that it is especially pleasant and difficult to resist." Anthony Warrant, which is written on the underlying diet. Angry Chef (The Chef Cowboy).

"It keeps the food on a pedestal and it is thrown into forbidden food, it's more you want."

According to Warner, most of those who eat foods have less control over and their difficulty in improving the habits of food.

"By spoiling the fact that you should try to resist," he said.

So, according to a Biblical Scientist, what is the solution to a healthy solution?

"Eat in the check and enjoy it, we need food, sophistication and specialty food."

"Just do not eat too much."


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