Thursday , June 30 2022

Everyone in jail: they condemned five Tribilin teachers, the Garden of Horror


Finally came the day: teachers Trib, Horror Garden, received a conviction very serious These are punishments for imprisonment for all. Five teachers were convicted of crimes of "leaving people worsened by serious damage". Justice judged episodes of terrible ill-treatment of boys between 2 and 3 years proved. The facts were known when one of the parents sent his son with a iPod, suspected that they had been poorly preserved in the garden.

Terrible sounds Tribilin

The process was long, perhaps too long, to begin with, given the gravity of the facts and that they were children, but it was justice. Judges Federico Ecke, Hernán San Martín and María Coelho have already been convicted and arrested by teachers because the court considered that there was a danger of a flight because of a request by the investigators and family lawyers to the victims. Lastly, sanctions were known today that did not damage the damage, but at least condemn the responsible person.

Mother's pain in the Garden of Horror: "Years pass and I can not get over it"

Tribilin Garden


Noemie Nuñez 7 years and 6 months in jail leaving people worsened by serious damage.

Yanina Gogonza 7 years in prison. Leaving people worsened by serious damage.

Noelia Soledad Gallardo 6 Years and 3 Months in Prison Abandonment of a Deteriorated Person for Serious Damage.

Mariana Buchnivová 5 years and 6 months imprisonment. Leaving a degraded person as a result of serious damage.

Vanina Gisela Diapová, 4 years and 6 months in prison. Leaving a degraded person as a result of serious damage.

  • Son of Justice
  • Yanina Gogonza
  • Noemie Nuñez
  • Noelia Soledad Gallardo
  • Mariana Buchnivová
  • Vanina Gisela Diap
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