Sunday , July 3 2022

"Excuse me, Slim, I'm in the sleep" I just requested the driver to go to Mathol's father in the past.


A massive traffic accident in a group, with 45 passengers and two staff members, near the city of Opola, near the city of Opola, touched the entire country in the high mountains of Mozizza. Three people died, three of them were children and three years old, and many were injured.

While the estimation of the causes of accidental accident continues, there is no doubt that there is no doubt the driver of the company's company's microphone company, Vector Gamers Everybody thinks that the driver lost the control and social control.

In the last hours there was a dialogue between some drivers of drivers and some victims. "Driver met with my brother and said: & # 39; Sorry, I'm in the sleep & # 39;. He told him I had put my death in my hands"Laura Ardundo said, Aunty Philippines's aunt, a 10-year-old boy who died in the accident. Other malicious victims Marthaza Ramos Chana, 35 and May Cordon Rames were 3 years old.

The other passenger supported the fundamental military base of the accident. Jonathan Emanuel Santibañez Ruarte, who appeared exposed to Raven, described in his Facebook account that he wrote "A driver who slept"I have not yet been able to improve my brain, sore and blood."

The first indications by local police also make the driver responsible for the responsibility of the local police. Police chief Roberto Manive said that "Driver's social welfare lost and Mendoz was hit on the right side of the river." According to the first explanation, a driver of the DRH-3333 Pet Bus, when the control of the mic was controlled.

Judicial sources said that along with two cars have come to the city of Heaplatta and have not yet been charged.

Chilean Company issued a statement that confirmed the unfortunate accident of Bus, which left Santiago Dele with 9:30 BA and convinced the cars to be used for two drivers, "their legal will remain."

In addition, the firm acknowledged that 45 passengers of various nationalities were transported to collectively: "19 Argentina, a Bolivian, 15 Chile, a Colombia, an Ecodorin, Four Peruvian, a Paraguayan, two Owvens and one Venezuelan."

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