Thursday , September 23 2021

Gallero showed that his arms were asked by fans

Martialo Gallardoo again again, took the South American dateway to the river. But at this time add more to the classic sequel in front of his competition. And in the medals! To a story, for ordinary, it will be impossible to be impossible again.

After the coronation of Millionaire as a championship of the Cooper Libertadores, Mokko gave an interview Olé In which he has admitted that what is the friend of بوکا, who is still there, "My friend, nowadays, I can not see, now, often wash some on me, they ask me to go to Monaco, they do not want me."

Certainly more calmly became cynical when he tried to explain the causes of the priest, and Buka returned to the river: "I have realized that in those years we have created a variety of energy, we continue to experience other stages, great energy, experience, each of them should be removed in the title, and it is more robust".

But all those opportunities in which his river had won the victory against Boca, Motocco stayed with this last step because he understands "Anybody will meet her."

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