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How many different government services are working on it – Old


This foot is working with limited hours of services, referring to weekends weekly weekends.

Store collection

On the occasion of Christmas celebration and christmas celebration, Para's Municipal set a special schedule for collecting waste.

This sunrise will take place at night. On Monday, Friday morning and evening will be interrupted. When at 25 minutes, start with night service.

To avoid accumulation of waste and to clean up the city, it has been advised that the villagers should be destroyed at a reasonable time and always inside the towns, which are provided in every block of the city.

Super Market & Shop

On 24-24 and 31, they describe their doors for ordinary people's clothing before the general supermarkets of the supermarket and other stores. Other SMSs always increased slightly more. In most cases, hours are up to 18.

It is estimated that the merchandise is time to leave the business and spend a free stay on time at home.

Therefore, the union, who collects them, is calculated so many times people should buy business gates for expiration times, and this year, they started to start the pamphlet Are powered by Or social networks, in which they ask for "emotion of union".

In it, they are known: "As we always have time for Christmas and new year offers, merchant workers advise our neighborhoods, which we serve for the whole year, to buy time, and last time. Otherwise, then we can celebrate all!

Hospitals and Health Centers

To ensure the necessary services and the operation of different reliance, the decision of the Interior Minister for Official Administrators, December 14, 2018, 4480, a holiday (from 26 to 26 to 28) and the holiday (between 2 and 11th January, 2019 by default).

For this section, Health Health Resolution issued 5206 which provides essential and indispensable services through less protectors in hospitals and healthcare centers.

Regarding reference to the St. Martin's Hospital in Paraguay, Return Client will be 8 to 11 hours as well as hours of health care as well as by the external clinic. Nephrology; Ecology; Oncology; Hematology Infrastructure; Xinjiang and Thin Surgeon (Wednesday and Thursday); (Paracrophonic), Geoxist and General Surgeon (Thursday).

In the same way, Entry Rios, the Miss Child's Hospital, San Ricqu, said that gastroletology, carousello, ostenolorological, healthy baby, olylogi and plastic surgery (they would not be out of the last two-rate line). Whenever external consultations went to areas: Dermatology (Wednesday and Thursday), surgery (Friday), topology, phonology, neurologic, genetiation, high risk, association, erollo arology, ancestral mathematics, pale care and othology.

Its section and more than 200 primary health centers in the weekly weekly hospitals, to ensure benefits, health ministry, regulation and health planning related to this, have been established in December 26. In the normal hours of 27 and 28 days, provincial health institutions will be inaugurated, besides basic health facilities will be provided.

However, according to their duties, the tasks and actions that are done in those days will be given to them according to their obligations. To provide you with better service.


Old City's traffic will be performed by the end of the journey from December 21 to 21 at the end of the tour every Saturday.

The daylight, the Christmas day, the service day or the day of departure. From 10 to 10, complete the 22 routes of each head, it is equal to 60 minutes between the carriers.


Bankon will not attend him in the country until November 24, or 31st December, as part of the next year's opening. Those days will be repaid again, but it is advised to get money before it can be paid, so that Christmas is due to the bonuses due to the payment of bonuses.
So, the AMMs usually work.

Automotive vehicles were allowed in the city

The Directorate of Individual Body Inspectors ordered the celebration ceremony of their sentiments to the project. For parking private vehicles, both are loading and uploading from 8 to 21.

This measure will go to the footsteps, on December 31 and below the following:

Between Buenos Aires, Lapda and Arvizza; between Peligua in Pygliano, Aerigia, between Piggio / Carbo, Pie Guinea and Elia; Between Montis Caseros, Alem and 25 Mio; Between Coriutes, Aribezza and Andrazaz Pazos (Both Pure Pak); Between Contents, Andrés Pazos and Colón; La Paz, Corinines and San Martin. (Left wakwalk) between Lepada, San Martin and Binois Aires; between Avigua, Buenos Aires and Belgiano; between Spain, Santa Fu and San Martin (northwest boats); 25 de Mão, Pope Francisco and Elia ( Between north and north of north-west; Peru, Montcossees and Pilgrinees; and Chile, between Venezuela and Peru (east lane).

It is argued that the traveler's travel routes are forbidden to park on routine routine.

Salt and Nicobar Islands

The guidance of the market and employment has informed Mansoor's critical hours
During these and christmas Holidays and Nevada. Saturn and Sunday will work from 8 to 13 and will be from 17 to 21 noon. Whenever you will attend 24 24, 8 to 14.

Client Services

On the old 24 and 25 minutes, service to the neighborhood (SAV-147) will not happen
Because of this, in the operation, those who need to understand the problem of any problem in the Services can:

– Urban Services Program: 4344765

Municipal Unit 1 Center: 4202239

Municipal Unit 2 West: 4355212

Municipal Unit 3 South: 4202238/4344764

Municipal Unit 4 North Eastern: 4205067

Municipal Unit 5 Coastline: 4397521

– South Municipal Unit: 4301190

Parks and Boys Western: 4201859

Park and moving east: 4205066

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