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"I know we have gone out of it" – 03/02/2019


Trats were rearrassed again, 1-0 against Carmirunszes, and from present, numeric, the most likely is: Eman Emma Clausura and three lost teams. In the last table, without unit and variance count. Nevertheless, diving is full of hope to hit it: "I liked, who were already present and have a team for me to fight. They do not allow them to refuse us, because when they said these years last year we did not go to Liguilla, we went to Liuilla. I'm trying to ask you cautiously and not increase it, but we have to work fast with football. If a team win, ten humans keep it in its area, it seems to me that football is not good. "

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Dracco was in a press conference from the whole soul who tried to get the title. But no; last ten peaceful and faithfully to bridge this bad game. "We are satisfied with the standards of the men who have the games. I can be silent in my house because I know we were left without it. In the last championship we had 50% of the standard of football today. Today we have the standards and the good ones. I saw a lot of fans crying. We have to cry, we have to work. Cry out, run a walk This is football It happens, and if I need 100 meters, I'll do it with 110. And it will take us whatever we want. "

From the five-year-old sports, Dorados four rocks. It was said that Kalasa MX and one more by Kalasa. "We were trying, respecting the hair, do not let us throw the ball or kill anyone, we are going to play football, it continues," warned Maradona. The next game will be displayed on Friday.

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More than the Marona Convention:

"According to the game, it is not the result, of course, my team always respects the hair, they do not know that they have come from the game, aiming for their purpose and gaining three points. And we can not get it done. "

"Every game in Dorasas finds that he lives in every training, and every training is a matter of work, which will have to do more work in the field, we would not have thought about it, but we would not have any other We have to struggle with difficulties that lose at home. We do not do anything, but good, things are like that and we will solve the training. "

"What I did not like was in the corner of the box or when they rejected them, always used to be one of the free white ones and we used to go back to talk about a week." No, then we were very clean, then go ahead, we have no team, in the meantime, we are football, we will not take time.

"Angulo Lyon worked as a team in a place, he needed, we knew we could not depend on the championship, because we have a big role."

"We do not have to be a footballer, but does not want to get hair done in another way, do not come in. We are fine, not happy, but know if we do not work, Talking to me, President Asif Ali Zardari and talking to the whole coaching staff said that I was just a team on the field, but it's lost, and it does not please everyone. "

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