Monday , July 4 2022

Lack of Private Sector Debt started


"After increasing only 0.3% in November, private sector debt in the currency showed a reduction of 0.3% for December's December," he said. Jason Barro Mururo, Argentinian and Latin American Truth (IERAL) on the Assistant of the Stage.

He pointed out in his analysis Debt lines are the most affected people who link to the planting Conspiracy and card, which is 0.3% in the first position and -1.4% in the first half.

On the other hand, private jumble in the money went up 7.3 percent in 4.3% to December.

"Decree on private sector in the money for data from December till December 17 reduces in small routine months, which has been certified in all sessions, although it is a little bit worse." The performance said that Junior has not chosen since 2018, "Said experts.

Instead, "In private sector money, Jamiat has been growing at high speeds, it is a month-long storage area."

By December to the private sector in money by reducing -0.3% for money in partial numbers, decrease in decrease in November (0.1%) after zero.

There are the most influenced taxpayers in December related to consumption in the ratio (personal and credit card), which give them half of the portfolio overall and in the reduction of registered -0.8%. Increasing only 0.5 percent in November.

On one side, The personal debt confirms 0.3% reduction in November, up to -0.3% in December; Always in inappropriate terms, end up to the end.

"Money in credit with credit card increased by 1.3% in December to $ -1.4 percent in December".

Similarly, "Business lines, existing account details, single signature documents, purchases and documents etc. etc., which offer approximately 30 percent of the overall portfolio in the process, in terms of 0.5% after November, two consecutive months of restriction Then the sign will appear, "the author of the report said.

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