Sunday , July 3 2022

Mauritius McCain has defeated Christine Kenner in a final vote but Sergey lost his face with Massachusetts.


If today were elected, Mauritius Makri Can finish Christina Kchnchner It is possible with 7 points that it can beat 8 points in the second round, 39% against 47%. Nevertheless, the president got a vote against Belt Sergio Maa: Frontier Renaissance's leader in the 4th point of competition, 43% to 43%.

It is clear from the latest survey DesireThe polling company, which has done a lot of government to the government, was received from Rosa's main offices in the last week and agreed to it. Tobacco.

The job is that, after the elected situation between the main exhibitions in the possible main modes – Marriages, former President, Massa or Maria Agenia Well-Answerer, Infrastructure, Poverty, especially the economy and the situation of the country are generally The Cranter administration was very good.

In the case of infration, approximately 50 percent of this year will end, most of the current brushes, shows the patterns. 67% respondents felt that they had more control over the management of the kernerExcept only 15% of the belief that Cammanis's management is more controlled. In terms of poverty, the concept is similar: 55% in the previous administration is 21 percent of this organization. In the case of "a personal economic situation", almost identical figures, 57 percent against 21 percent.

On the contrary, in the context of the fight against drug trafficking and "performance of the country's institutions", the management of mechanical management gave more advice. In the first grade, 58 percent were responded with with Columbus and just 18 percent of the previous administration.

In both cases, due to general diagnostic of both Koshish, Makari and former President, the probability of the probability in both cases is: 52% of the state's 52% and 45% against 45% against Croatina Crocker against 37%

There are other cables, for example, for the effect of the current management of the current economic crisis. This is the case of infration. According to the Armenian Survey, the American government thinks Micky government will not be able to rope in infraction in the past year. According to the survey: it reached 65 percent. In the beginning of 2016, in the first month of Cambodian's administration, it was only 35%.

In this sense, the percentage of respondents, who have been firmly believed in the measures made by Mickey, has K severely reduced the result: less than 64% of the 48% change management.

In the field of election, Macri's situation is associated with the concept of its management. If today were elected today, against the 27% of Christine 34% of the President and 20% of the leader of Freian Reynoldor's leadership in the first round. In the second round, McReilles the former president but lost his face with Mausa.

The PJ works in a sense that in a broad adaptation to collect the leaders of the broader agreement. Cristina Kirchner's also nominated yet original question is. And which is the most difficult.

For cambodia, the selected scenario is more likely to be candidates Maria Agenia ValeHe said he had said that the Bannersman ruler had rejected his last public appearance, but was not in his plan to preserve the president.

If the herald was pregnant, she would take Christina Cannon through 14 points: 40% against 26%. The leader is with the best picture. That is 5 percent positive and only 33 percent are negative. On the other hand, corn, 57% negative and 41% positive. This novel is the second letter Robert LoganAfter Senator presidential candidate is candid Magol Angle PackingKeeps a good picture: 46% positive and 24% negative, although it's a little bit less, a good part of leadership: 19%.

In the province of Buenos Aires, the Mexico scene for the war against the Caribbean is more complicated: Former President 6 points, compared to 28% to 34%.

Panelama is more co-operative for Maccano than the governor. Vellal Veronica Magari has about 20 copies, in this regard, in the context of La Contanza, a candidate of Ardney Unified Canada, Canada. 26% against 43%. There is no other time in the field of Bosnia Aires.

According to the Iromiomy Survey, another novel data is expected to be an immune candidate Kulinga Scotland Bonus governors. In that case, the scene looks very intriguing. Minister of Social Development, who is an emotional candidate for the vice president of the Maori Martin EnforcladLomas de Zamora's Mayor is expected to have an FTP of candidates. It's almost a technical graphic: 27% to 25%.

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