Monday , July 4 2022

Mother Goose Doz Gueview Cruise


Mayindza was unexpected news in football. It's the same Santago Morora Gica come over Guerrilla cruise. The Golden Mill team and the Argentine Football Super League Goldwor announced that as a new project Mexica's TokyoThe result of which resulted in the likes of Mozilla Club's fans and admirers, who did not expect to lose their high quality in this market.

For which it was the price, it did not show for it, but it would be important. According to the principles, according to the Mexican media, it has been reported that the creation of a transaction that Aztec is licensed in the First Division of the Divisions, presented the footwear distribution clause to the National National of Eurographes. For that reason, The papers A historic sale was made after which the clause was $ 6 million.

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Mororque Grid One of the superstar stars was made. Uruguay arrived Guerrilla cruise Played in 2016 and 84 games with Mumbai Shirt. He was his first highest rank in the Division and the local tournament, between the Copa Argentina and the Copa Libertados, Golf Golf Club. By this way, he was considering the best trunker in the last Super League, where he was 17 golf.

It's minimal The papers He only collects bad news in this summer's day. That is, just before one week before Prison's start, the Moziz team is not the most recognizable and yet a coach. The Marcoux team had done everything with the club, but the former Independent Director of Independent chooses Nicolas Frants, a newbie, who now attempts to be replaced by Diego Dobo.

With this sale, Guerrilla cruise The club that has earned a lot of money in this passenger market. It is a matter that Mizazza had gone to the team's Jaggery Corridor, which was sold in Saint-Louis Lyon, which was $ 2 million for him. As well as six million passengers, J The papers So Ugly is an important tool for trying to make alternative, which is marked on them Guerrilla cruise

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