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NASA spacecraft hunting instead of a nine-year fraud


Tampa (APP) – The Nava Foundation is hurting the most common objection on a new year's day.

Alamama Chol is compounded by 4 billion miles (6.4 billion km) away, non-standard aerial, New Horse, January 1, 0533 (0533 GMT) which is only 2,200 miles (3,500 km) from Ulma Chowl. On the map.

From 2015, there is more than three times Platek's than the new Holmes.

So what is this strange objection, between middle middle literature, followed by the North-North Island and has its own Royal Survey, which is by the Right Gastrointe Bryan Mai?

"The fact is that the greatest and biggest objection is in the hands of the spacecraft," said Weaver, a Prostitute Scientist in Johns Hopkins Technologies Apply Physics Lab.

Smaller, scientists are not sure about its true measure.

But they are sure that it is a tire of about 100 times a plate, which is about 1500 miles (2,1414 km) in Qatar.

Almea Chol is also in cold areas of space, which shows that it is well-preserved.

"Really, this is a provision from the solar system," said Weaver.

– Solar System & # 39; Attic & # 39;

Ultimate Cholera (announced to TOO-lee) Copper is located in the belt, the first time the sets are set up after a day, a broad-burned disk.

Caliphate sometimes calls the "Atak" of the solar system.

Scientists did not know how to do, since 1990.

Out of the Copenhagen Belt, three billion (4.8 km²) km starts, from the earliest to the Niponian Mediterranean, which is the highest since the sun.

"This typical billions meet comrades, the linen alum, such as the cessinsonts, are built with the composition made by the building, and the size of a bold, one-sided throne, Paltaro". Al-Fitr, Investigations of Principles on New Opportunities.

"It is important in us that we are in science science because the region of solar system is far more than the sun, save four basic features of four years earlier than four terms.

"When we fly by Almaima, we are looking at the initial things on the road."

High speed, closer to you,

The New Herres spacecraft speeds up the speed of 32,000 miles (51,500 kilometers) per hour, which travels about one miles miles away.

At that moment if a small piece of small piece of rice is small, it can immediately crash the spacecraft.

"We do not want it," he said.

If the new heroes are saving this flight, doing so, the ultimate pictures of Ultimatus Thousands of photographs, her hopes reveal that her first appearance and geography.

He sent new pictures of fantastic pictures, which never showed heart pictures before joining in 2015.

At this time, "An effort to draw us closer to the arrival of the arena is always three times for our protocol." Surnan said.

But, "the need for a very new navigation. We have been trying harder than ever.

To answer? –

Ultima Thaul first discovered by Hubble Space Tiscope in 2014.

Scientists are found in 2017 that ultimately is not cyclical but is probably possible in shape. This may be two things.

It does not recommend that frequent, lightweight scientists look from a rotating cosmetic, increasing surprise questions.

Will be drunk in the dust? How many little moon lamps? It has designed to place space in front of that pole.

NASA hopes he will reply to the north.

The first pictures are expected on January 1 of the evening, which was planned till January 2.

Additionally, exchanges higher resolutions.

Although it is possible not to make possible images on the streets, Broadcasting plans to broadcast online during the period, in which the Gunetist features animated videos and music from May, which is the degree of astronomical degree and with the program Presenting tribute to music.

"I had impressed with the idea that it is the greatest that the man of man has reached," May said.

And the natural hope that it will not end up for the new avenues, which began in 2006 and operates with platinum.

"We look forward to removing one more Kuiper Belt Object," he said.

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