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Navigation research is visited by Almaty Cholesterol, the humanity of the universe is sometimes tried to arrive, on the new year's day.


  • Investigating NASA's new ideas, which visited Pluto in 2015, is a mysterious objectionable name named in Almaty Chol.

  • On the last ultimate thaul of the newly developed past, the new year will be celebrated as well known as 2014 MU69.

  • Almaty Tholas have become the most populous humanity ever got.

  • Eighty-powerful powerful spacecraft will take place to the Silicon Fountain of Space Rocket.

  • The mission leader said that more than ten times more than the flight of Flu Plot is difficult.

NASA scientists who create a history flying out of the post of a mysterious, pastor of the mountainous mountain.

If the flight is planned, it is the biggest objection in space that has ever tried to see humanity.

NASA's ATTIMA will be attempting to interfere with the new spacecraft spacecraft on a new year. The objection of joking is called it as the ultimatum (observation tool "AE"), or called MU69, as it is officially known.

NASA is not known as ultimately a new horse began in 2006, while stopping it. It finds out that after the discovery of it, astronauts plotted in the immediate and updated cameras to the HubbleSpace Techno in May 2009.

Hubble first take photos from the first on the ultimate first year of 2014 in the ultimatum by the thousands. Now, 4 billion miles away from the Earth, New Herrers have objected to their places.

The famine of the unsuccessful universities of the German unmanned beliefs about Alimona Thomol is like Alan Sorne, who leads the new Hazaris mission.

"If we know what we were expecting, we would not want to go to the ultimatum. It's a object that has not already arrived," enter the sauna into the business. "This is what's about to find."

Where and what is Almaty?

New Afternoon is called Captain Belt, which is on the one side of the region, where a lake where light is completely light on the sun. It is a long-term solar system composed of frozen – Kuiper belt arts, or KBOs-wide numbers (including fonts).

Almea Chol is one of these ancient children. It is possible that in the distance and snowfall of the billion years for years, it is not a living that has changed its success and eliminated its initial history. That means it can be read how it helps how to start the solar system as a planet, how Saurus said.

"Alimima is the first thing we have been lost is not enough to be a living-like geologist engineer, and it's something that does not warm the sun with heat." It's like a time-consuming 4.5 billion years Already. What is this specially? "

Surat has been added that the organic arts in the form of Fiby Egypt will be the same.

"It is like a first time open the tomb of Pharaoh, and went inside, and you see 1,000 years ago, a culture story." "It's just looking at the solar system early in the morning."

The natural ultimatum must be "seroussilmillum" or badge which may have got enough ingredients. If a seal had been created.

"It is a greatly constructive block, or a kidney disease," said the medicine. "In this sense, a datotolologist is found to have a biodiversity of a biochemistry, which is a specialty."

In the first pictures of New Age, researchers will look at the explicit appearance. Learn how the surface is relatively suitable or the kinship, the big ones, the tricks, and the features of other features are how to create sessions.

The data from the newer versions of each image, runs on speed like light lifts, reaching the arts on Earth for about six hours.

Is unknown in the journey

In June, the New Afternoon Alamaya Thack passed over half the year to start the twin year's start.

After the check-in check-in, mission managers in October put it on a more accurate way for ultim-thaw to remove the research engine.

It confirms weekends, that some of the new demons, plant-fields or other things are true on the fly-through flight (and it can be slim), so they maintain the historical period of their period. Keep it

The flight has been slipped to start late on the New Year's Eve. The new enzymes will start removing a sulow photo in a pre-programmed series.

"Survivor says that in the form of a large mountain, mountainous mountains, it is one billion miles away from Bhola, and it is about 10 times higher than it is." That is because it's 10,000 times smaller. Success is not enough to get it. "

Cameras and other engineers of New Hazaras are only ultimate, or not.

"We are placing all the surrounding places around it, shining, shining, and even for the atmosphere." Surnan said. "If we have any of these things, we will see them."

At the time of the new year on 12:33 AMA, Spy Investigations have a close point of view. New Phases Weep for 35,000 MW speeds.

The initial photos of Surname will be said to reach every hour for two hours, and the first day will be released on January 2.

However, these initial images are small (as they are for posters). It will take power, intelligence, and other physical boundaries of space to get full detailed, full resolution pictures for months. Images of first complete resolutions will not be frozen immediately.

Nature, who wrote the book with "Consequently in the" Challenge New Encyclopedia: The Protector of the People's Epic First Mission ". Almea Chol was named after her nair, which means "outside the innings". What images he has seen to be disturbed about any adversity, which led to filling the first picture of Plato's photos.

"I do not know we want to find us," he said. "If this money, even though it is surprised, it will be wonderful."

How to look at the Footage Coverage of Ultimate Too's Newestzens

Flowers about people who are interested in seeing the expert and see that it can bear in the live branches in the successful New Year's day.

Michael Buckley, spokesperson of the Appeal Physical Laboratory of John Holbrooke University (NASA for Ninezes mission to host), states that Lab's YouTube movie moments teach a video feed from scientists to discover that Spacecraft makes it a pre-modeled ultimatum model model Leave

The show will go on show, however, President will stop the new TDP from crossing the Border Fund government in 2019.

"We are still planning to move forward with the processing process," Bicil told the business of Trade. "The biggest change is that we can not use any NASA platform."

He said that the coverage of life will begin on January 1 9:30 ammate, and the "OK" signal from New Horses should come after 10 AMSs.

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