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Nolia Marzol quotes the condition on her first Mother’s Day: Second: “We want to have another baby as soon as possible”


The dream Noelia Marzol (34) had to start a family, and he did it best to get married in early February this year. Image with hold of Ramiro Arias (28), then at the end of May with the mol Donatello (4 months) And this Sunday it was perfectly time to celebrate Mother’s Day.

“I’m like a cloud, I’m not aware this is my first Mother’s Day. And my birthday is coming soon! I’m on a beautiful trip. Chat Lounge My son is beautiful, ch, w, right, calm. I’m a chick If it weren’t for Rami, I would really be my son alone, “says the participant. Academy Dialogues with 3 TownGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Surprisingly, Nolia also takes time to joke: “It’s amazing how I reduced myself to a year. I got married, I had a son … I always joke about it. With Rami, but the fact that I’ve grown up, myself. As an adult, I made progress. I am very happy with my situation. “

-How did you get back in the ring sooner rather than taking maternity leave? Are you afraid that they will forget you in the middle? Are you in the underworld to keep your income?

-This was not for Money. This is due to the fact that I really enjoy working and that I always consider maternity to be an attitude that does not give me the freedom or the freedom to work. I realized that the faster my son and I became accustomed to the normal pace of life, the easier it became. When children grow older, they are more aware of the shortage of parents during the day. So I preferred to have him get into the theater, to unwind the environment, to make him comfortable.

“I came back early in the ring and I really enjoyed working and I always considered motherhood to be a freedom or a no-brainer.

ould you find Dona comfortable and safe places in your work environment?

-I’m lucky because now that my jobs are in the theater, in the theater or at a show match, they gave me the opportunity to have the right dressing room for my baby, with a swing.

Is Ram Ramiro busy?

-I am lucky that he trains in the morning and is free during the day. So, he’s a super partner, he’s with me and we’re all in this together. That’s something I enjoy that way. Getting back to work is so quick to deal with this problem.

-How is family work divided?

-He is half and half is half. Birth is 50%. Rami is fortunate enough to work a few hours a day as a footballer, so she is super organized. When he is in the house, he does everything that is involved, such as feeding him, changing him, giving him a bath. We agreed on the schedule as one might respect the routine, but whatever it is now, it works. At 20, for example, the one who gives her a bath.

-What things about motherhood did you discover that made you think differently?

– The words that they came to me resonate with me. Like “the advantage was that they were faster”. And I said, “It can’t be that everyone says yes.” And now that I have that it’s very real. Because just from day to day it is incredible how they do new things, beautiful things that only parents can understand. From day to day they want to grab something in order to grab it. It’s urgent They are very fast!

“Looking at the summer I have to fulfill my responsibilities, but hopefully a baby will come sooner rather than later.”

-you do you plan to become a parent here?

-We’re excited about the idea of ​​being excited, but with zero minutes, Donna is born. We’re still not making any real effort yet, as the work should be, it’s just too fresh, and I have to fulfill my responsibilities for summer, but hopefully it will be soon. Immediately We do not want to spend too much time as long as it is within our resources and nature helps us.

-However it is said that it is ideal for ib Irons to be less than 3 years old so that they can share things in common …

– As it is! Because then you have a habit of sleeping, which is another thing they tell me a lot about, and then you don’t want to do anything else. I don’t know if we want to wait this two years or so, or speed it up. But then there is a natural question that does not depend on us, no matter how hard it is to hear it all and work on it, boy selling or selling what comes when it happens.

-Would the ideal family be like you?

– For a moment we think one more. Because you have the concept that you want for your life and that is something you agree with your spouse. We imagine the three children Erin, but agree, talk about, and who now materializes, is a wiki. Then we see how we come together.

“We imagine there are three, but agree, talk, and whoever materializes now, is a. Then we’ll see how we come together.

-You feel very full report and happy. Already have you already managed to overcome the bad times you’ve been through?

– Oh, I give them back. I have always shown myself to be a happy mother. As for the fears, I still have them today. I think they don’t, any parent gets upset at some point thinking that something might happen to their. From the time they are born, Owa is never a calm calm because they know they are happy, that they have nothing short of health, that they have health. I still have it today, but I’m not impressed with it until I enjoy maternity. It happens to me that I wake up at night and check that he is breathing. These things happen to me.

-The hives that remain after spending three weeks in neonatology.

-The guys think they’re super defenseless little guys, but in fact ies do something. When I was in New York I was surrounded by everything around me. Same with the other Dony. You see them fragile, but they fight a irl, they are energy-ridden, with a life of their own. I feel like a lot of things are being banked, and this one may give them a bit of protection if it’s a mountain, but it’s not necessary.

Although at first you thought Ramiro was too young for you, he was a great man and a good father.

-Hahahahaha. is true! I had so many partners that one starts to doubt. Because of course, they also warn you that when a boy’s sale starts there is a collision between a pair. There are many factors that affect a marriage when the baby is born, such as fatigue, disagreement with many parents, decisions about a person who does not depend on both, and it is common that there will be riches. But with Rami, fortunately for us so far there was no strife. Yes to agree with any argument, but we are very well placed.

“When I was in New York I was around and everything around me. Same with the other Dony. One considers them fragile, but they are a tornado, they are energetic reports, their life is like this. One might protect them as if it were them. The Mount. ”

-Gives the safety and control that Donatello and you need.

-He’s a genius, he makes me laugh. I look at it from afar and I think it’s nice how she’s been with me all this time. He is an excellent companion, beautiful. The fact that Rami went this way despite my fears helped me not to romanticize the relationship. You have to hire people.

Is it hard for you to show your serial weakness in a full-time mom-to-be theater?

– Weakness is not something we even think about, it is a very natural thing in our work, but I do not feel it is far from maternal. At some point in time it will happen otherwise, it is the work and role in which I have to enter. The compost I give to one side is unrealistic.

“Rami is a genius. He makes me laugh. I look at him from afar and I think that’s a lot of how he’s been with me this season. He’s a great partner, pretty. ”

-And are the physical demands of the academy worth you?

– That’s right, I’m dancing eight hours a day today, which is a lot because I can’t relax and it’s a lot of physical demand. But I think I tolerate it because I like that I do, I don’t do it as a job or a duty. When I work I enjoy it and I do it with pleasure. I think it has to do with it.

A Little After the Bees, how do you keep your body up to the demands of match and sex?

– The fact is that I do not train myself that my activity has anything to do with dance. I took care of myself during pregnancy, but I never dieted or gained some weight. I try to take care of myself because working alone with my body has hurt me if I don’t rest. I try to follow a workout. During my pregnancy I did physical activity and the type of calories that consumed calories, which was important when breastfeeding.

“I’ve been dancing eight hours a day, which is a lot. I don’t rest and it’s a lot of physical demand. But I think I tolerate it because I like that I do it, I don’t care about it or why. Obligatory. ”

-What things do you share with Donatello?

– Everything! The keys begin with a swimming lesson in three months. Let’s go together I try to encourage her all the time. Now he learned how to keep things, so I kept the toy in his pocket. Last week he learned to roll. It is a baby egg that lasts for thousands of hours. He goes back to the theater, he goes to the theater. I try to spend as much time with him as possible in this awkward phase, I don’t want to lose anything.

– Would you say to those who ask you about your secrets?

-Ha’s a very personal thing. You don’t even need to look as quickly as you did when you were pregnant. It happened to me that I train while I work and it has to do with it. But if I had to go to an office, train, be tired, and train and listen to everything, I wouldn’t train or be mad. I want them to relax, to enjoy the moment that everything returns at some point. A month or so does not matter. The important thing is to be well. You have to give your body time.

-you do you like yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror?

-I love it when I look at myself in the mirror, and I like it when I have a stomach, when I maintain a liquid. I always enjoy the moments I enjoyed. Ramiro also helped me a lot because he was always on the look-out, cheering me on, giving me ging and kisses. That’s why it’s such a beautiful relationship for my physical changes during pregnancy.

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