Wednesday , October 5 2022

October 17: Message from Alberto Fernandez | “Let’s celebrate unity with this Republican festival”


President of the nation, Alberto FernandesPosted a message, pointing to his Twitter account The day of loyalty Which is celebrated on 17 October every year.

The publication includes a video with pictures of the historic day of 1945, in which there was a large labor and union mobilization. May Plaza Buenos Aires demands that the Colonel be released at that time Juan Domingo feet.

“76 years ago, Argentina and Argentina took to the streets defending a colonel’s work to demand freedom. That day was marked as a way of unwavering loyalty to the public“, Alberto Fernandez expressed.

“Right and left, Let’s celebrate the unity of this Republican festival. “, Concludes the Toyota, which closes with an extraordinary Peronist gesture of victory V.

The video is described by Peren, who was arrested a few days later and – four months after his release – will become president of the Argentine Republic.

The foot tells how he lived that day when people in the background were claiming:We want feet!“.

Toward the end of the video, the end of the speech that began Monday, October 17, appeared in front of a crowd of followers.

“The vast majority respond”

As president and head of the Justicialista Party (PJ), Fernandez shared a message for the 76th anniversary of Loyalty Day. “Peronism is born to bring a wide range of answers to the wide spectrumGeneral Chat Chat Lounge For workers, for the middle class, for today and for middle and middle businesses ”.

The President assured that He is going “to restore Argentina in which everyone can read, work, buy their homes and fulfill their dreams.”In a message broadcast via PG Social Networks.

“Argentina has all its scientific and productive potential to create jobs” and it will be “a vigorous vibrant and integrated country” that “does not contain”, the president said in just a 7-minute video. At the time, he criticized those who “promote selfishness and the wrong individual exit.”

The President recalled the October 17 mobilization, where “People came on the roads Fighting for their lives and liberties which gave them social rights, “he said “They marched with one flag, the flag of Argentina”General Chat Chat Lounge “That day, then, Peronism was born”, Indicated

Fernandez believes that “we need to understand our history so that we can think about the future of the country” and overcome the crisis in which the country and the world are passing.

“Today we recognize those who are in poverty, the unemployed, the hardest to meet. Each of the difficulties we face in Argentina hurts us, ”he said.

And he added: “Exit is for all blue and for all blue. Exit is with all blue and all blue”General Chat Chat Lounge He also believes that the “first steps of recovery” can be seen. “We are accelerating the iv movement to reach every household in our country as soon as possible,” he stressed.

“We’re going to restore Argentina in which everyone can read, work, buy their home and fulfill their dreams. We’re going to get it. Argentina is a more powerful and integrated nation Integrated country. ” Argentina wants to build, rebuild, and look to the future. A future that involves everyone ”.

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