Saturday , December 4 2021

Paola Chi expressed anger with pedro-alpha, and confessed to one another twice: "We put ourselves on Stage"


Paula Chaves and Pedro Allosso They make the most beautiful in the environment. Love was a dance and was a producer of her showcase when she was nominated. From here, everything seems to be around the common interest.

"With pedestrians we fight for a more boy boycott, We stayed for two days and talked about the stage Because we should kiss. Theater of theater needs you to befriend, "Charner talked about La Quartet Collina in a conversation with Laundry / Radio De Laude de.

In this sense, he said that they maintain a good relationship with them: "This year we are like a bowl, We're all together And we really enjoyed it. The country is the first time in the crisis of the country, because it is important that people keep our choice. "

Paula Chaves and Pedro Alloys are the parents of Olivia (5) and Balarte (3)

Paula Chaves and Pedro Alloys are the parents of Olivia (5) and Balarte (3)

In addition, he imagined to return about working with his friends: "I have some tips for driving on TV, It will be nice to add this generation, We have to work again on TV. Hope this year can be removed from this year. "

There are two sons of Paola and Pedro, Olivia and Balarte, So the whole life is severe. Just a couple of months ago, in an interview, Chabon appeared out of a coordinated Kangor, outside of the Sportsworld.

"I do not know that we have a system, but we have agreed It's a complete, tries to stay comfortable with each other. We are blessed, breakfast in the garden, rice and tea with our children. It's almost an example for us: There's never a plan that is allowed to save us to devote the family. And its efficiency, Pepe is much more organized. More verbose. She still has the feelings of leaving the ball on the street to throw it in front of dirty clothes made on the floor or the floor. "He ignored the host and ignored the host.

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