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There are few and fewer fewer in the hands of their founder and their heritage. Even though the most expensive madness and hectare in the proposed country, it is not a local businessman who organizes an exporting business. Six Argentines are the leading exporters of wine in the province of Darul-ul-Haq. According to the figures of the National Institute of Vietnamese (INV), average rating has been ranked for the last 7 years of numerical figures.

OverallThe 456 Argentine Corridor Career was exportedWhich is especially in the bottle, although the list of the first 20hh list list was 72.5% in turn.

Although Mendezeza is Argentina's main Gondulas in the world, from 20 leading merchants, only six provinces are from: Budapest Aslamda (Nulesei Kennina Zapata), La Agrícola (Jose Zacosi), Leoncio Arizu (Alberto Arizu), Valentine Deschi (Family ), Dominoe del Pellata (Susanbo Blobo) and Favukota (its primary affiliate of 5,000 members), appeared in newspaper لنس انزس.

According to the ANN figures, alcohol was reduced by 77 liters per year to 207 in 20.3, while it is estimated to reduce the 19 year liter. The first quarter of 2018 was eliminated by 1.6 percent reduction in the market of wine markets.

With this Panamaama, The trade venture business was a good way. In fact, in the first eleven months, the growth of big wine increased by 182.6%.

Badagas Esmerdada Due to the gameplay of Mendezzi's Winter Wine Series, the wine company is the largest exporter of alcohol in the company. It is a property owned by a nominal window aker Captain Zapata has been made, Also managed management management Catena Zapata, Scorpio and Rutiniamong others.

It's the same AgrarianWhich was founded in 1963 by Engineer Alberto Zechicht in Mapa. Now he is in charge Jose Alberto Zacci, Who administered the two veterans to Sibinstein, Julia and Magell with their children: Santa Julia And the zoological valley of Yuko and Zuuutu is Zoroastrian valley.

Salar Valentín Bianchi It was founded in San Rifle in 1928 and is one of the few who have got restored miles in the hands of restored families.

Dominoe Deal Plot New, when was born in 1999 Susana Balbo Decided to take advantage of his career in the world of alcohol. In which the Swiss Suzana Balbo is set in wine, Lincoln de Ciao, by their children Jose and Anna.

Cooperative Foto It is also exported to more than all. It is not low, It's the 10 most important wine group in the world. This embroidery and commercialization unit was created Former Round Window and Grocery The 29 privilege capacities of the entire country of mazzeria are 5,000 related products.

There are also many important export warehouses Pioneer GroupWhich are from the Bemberg family. Tattooed Vents & GroceryChale's grupper and black, Bad ChancesThe International Group, Louis Vittings, Motocross Hesse (LVMH); No other Austrian business giant Lars-Swarovicis; Saladdin Waron, Dutch Mijndert Pon Joe, who died in 2014. Vanilla Dona PaolaFrom Chile even from Santa Rama Group; Fine Flannel, The Portuguese group compassionate, Leoncio Arizu, who lives in the family's hands, has been offered it as a strategic partner for the Investigative Fund El Cortant only; Stroke record, French Purchase Group; Molinos Rio De la PlataPierce Kansas, and Argento WineryWhich is owned by Alexandria Bulgaroni, which is the greatest pleasure in Argentina.

They are also creating a list Phoenix La Silvia, Pedestrian turtles and grapes And La Rijja Lisa La Lajana Copipio Vitoneinrifatocola.

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