Sunday , July 3 2022

Regarding any reference to the private sector


In the framework of an economy in the crisis, failing to fail to lend private sector to debt and after one-phase breakdown, each one has anarchy. "After raising only 0.3% in November, credit the private sector in money Each of the 0.3% for December division", Joshua Barro Mururo, Argentine Studies Institute of Industry and Latin American Truth (IERAL).

In his analysis, he pointed out that the most affected lending expenditure was the connections and carpentry-cards in the first 0.3% and -1.4% in the second quarter. For their part, Private storage in money increased by 4.3 percent in December to 7.3 percent in December. "With data by December 17, private sector credit in the money reduces in normal months," he said.

This trend has been certified in all rows although it is related to a deterioration. By this way, Do not choose the credit market for 2018"Initially", the reserves increased in private sector's money at a high level every time; in this month's occasion, tochens "through the session".

By December, in the private sector's private sector's share in -0.3% reduction in fractional gains, zero increase (0.1%) in November last year. The most influenced taxpayers in December have been used in the Possession (Personal and Credit Card), which represent a total of approximately half of the portfolio and the repayment of registered -0.8%. Increasing only 0.5 percent in November.

On one side, personal loans Verify the decrease of 0.3% in November, -0.3% in December of the month; in abnormal inappropriate terms, end to end. "Money in credit with credit card increased by 1.3% in December to $ -1.4 percent in December".

Similarly, "representing business lines, current account details, single signature documents, purchases and documents etc. etc., which represent approximately 30 percent of the overall portfolio in processes, increased by just 02 percent. 0.5% in November. After signing up for two continuous months after signing, "the author of the report pointed out.

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