Tuesday , July 5 2022

Romance confirmed? The Sufi "Jojo" Jymnez gets a glimpse of Gülen in Jean-Martin del Potrozo


Sufi Joe Gems Resistance is a part of raising Crazy about LuisaBe angry Pedro Allosso, Paula Chatta, Family Welli, Diego Rames, Elena Celeiro And Tomas Joyce College in Villa Carlos Paz Theater. Was the last actor from the last finale of the actor He was surprised to get the pink rose in the hut.

mind blowing Joe It was great that many of her friends heard her smile and smile.

As you can know TabletGifts were sent Julian Maren del Petro On December 25th, you are happy to have a good fortune on the Olympic Games. That was it Rose of a glowing rose As your interest signal.

The military forces started between a few weeks before and when they were advised Joe For successful tennis players, he answered: "I met this weekly weekend, it has been said that there is no romance, the fact is that I do not know him personally, but we have a friend, He was arrested by his friends at Banging Gill We started the chest, good wavelength"

And he continued: "I do not remember how it is, but it was good to zero, and the truth is that I felt that That's the love of a person. I did not know him and we joked. This is a cute and lovely boy because all the girls should die for this too. The best wavelength and the best. "

It seems like this depends on the relationship And now tennis player was present through the day gifts of his premiere premier, in the most important company of Villa Carlos Paz.

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