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ShowMatch 2018: Florence Peña in anxiety before critics Ángel de Brito


Flor Peña very painful before the statements of Ángel de Brito Credit: Credit: LaFlia Press

Unexpected controversy arose in the jury



Florence Peña

he discussed with Angel about


The source of the problem is that he criticized his partner in the program
Specialists and she said that many times the actress gave returns very similar to those

Laura Fernándezová


Peña said she felt very unpleasant to this view, precisely because De Brito had made it public and not in a private way: "I heard from the press that I had a problem with myself, if it seemed to me that I was weak as a jury, I do not have to crush a comrade, it's a game, we're the authority, and if it opens the game saying I do not serve or I'm a bad jury, it makes someone come out I mean if I'm going to serve or not, and the only thing I have to explain is production, I'm sorry it's annoying that we and Laurita have defended themselves, both have received much criticism, I give them to me because they are my temperance, the critics they have done to me, from my political thought to the form of living my life. "

Marcelo Tinelli

He tried to reassure the startling struggle and said that it was common for everyone to talk about it, but Peña remembered: "There's something weird about, but I'm used to comrades, Lourdes for BAR, Angla as a journalist ".

At the time of his answer, Angel explained, "I think we are all partners, I do not believe in the hierarchy that the jury is more important than the others." Finally, ask the other who is next to you because they asked me about his program. You bet me to look like the bad guy in the movie. "

Florence insisted again that she was exhausted from seeing programs and other programs that commented on her work as a jury, and Marcelo explained: "This program is a game, it is allowed to have a view of the other, this is 14 years, besides that I feel Flor and I have no doubt about my ability. "

Laurita Fernandez, who was accompanying a flower that was full of anxiety, said: "Angel can tell me the same thing and I laughed because I've been here for many years and I understand the code." Finally, De Brito added, "I do not want to cry". And when he turned to her, he said, "It seems to me that by bringing you this way is real, but he keeps me wrong." Florence replied, "I'm in a complicated personal situation, it's all good, really."

When the object was completed,

Marcelo Polino

He emphasized: "It's a game, we love each other and sometimes it's more about show than personal." Angel wants a lot of truth. "And Laurita once again advocated her companion:" I think we have sitting artists here, for me the most able to see the art here, is what she feels in what she lived and we are years of light off. of its capacity ".

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