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Society due to the cost and cost of archeological medicine


To increase the new treatment against cancer, a fan of pharmaceutical industry starts receiving bulb shares. It has been warned, without word, World House Organization (WSW), Puerto Giorgio, a report presented in the 144th session of its Executive Board. Despite identifying the progress in work, architecture, the unusual apprentice of research, value and resources, dominated by Sarpal, with the treatment of healthy system power, whose real health population is not always in the beginning. The result of the IWPR is that it is important to cater to the pharmaceutical and government review cost system, which is less accessible from dacoits and reaches patients.

The two quotes report concludes: Cancer is 9.6 million dead for the health of the general public and is a great challenge for 18.1 million diagnosis in 18.1 million dollars, and the population is more affected. Normally, "Over 80% of children have been administered to treat cancer in honorable countries, among them the middle and low income percentage is" 10% ".

Some disagreement is that the government and industries are less than the failure to agree on the new price policies, because "there is no consequence of the result of the current present proposed political and economic goals." "Most of the cancer rates and prices are often more than a thousand dollars [y euros] One year rupees "amount" is "too much more" for the treatment of other diseases.

The IWA also looks at the counterfeit review of some drug effects. Despite the cure of "Treatment of Health, Survival, Life Standards and Disease Module", "literature shows that in the last 15 or 20 years, it is approved that only marginalized treatment can only be improved only In Secondary Sciences [como el tamaño del tumor] Improve the survival or quality of life. "

Protestant's model protects the model

The current phantastristian preserved a spare defense system in Spain, which is maintained by security by the Central Government, which can be "bail, organized, and calm". According to the job, "despite the increase in cancer cases" the results are very positive "-70 percent of the patients have survived for five years, which have been obtained" at Paiddar, about 11 percent drug addiction in spin ".
The company specifies the top-time frame and illuminates the necessary research costs for each drug: 10 to 12 years and 2,400 million more than Euros. Therefore, it assumes that "Without any reason, without addressing any cost of the price without any cost factor, all physical factors do not really have to make realistic discussions with the truth."

Although they have limited advantages in drug, many of which are proven to be true: "Some fishermen survives with three months, only a few advantages are shown, according to experts."

The report is a responsibility for a regulatory framework because "resulting in timely effective and consistent policies results that it is unacceptable and highly exposed to the prices set against drug cancer." In the evolution of the evolution, "countries, regions and hospitals According to The report states in a statement that "Although those countries who have adopted the measures on drug prices, they are especially increasing in the past decades in relation to a new treatment against cancer."

The WHO also calls for all medicines in the market to prevent a generation from among the countries. "It will not result in a major increase in health, but it will be particularly important to spend." "Governments should meet their specific situation, population requirements and the needs of existing resources."

The report indicates pharmaceutical companies to increase the cost and refers to the cost of "new research and development". "The IWW results show that" the reduction in transparent transparency ", which often appears on the" contractual agreement "between the" prices and prices "between government and laboratories. It's all up, the report continues, "It can be added to the development of long-term policies."

"Most Relevant"

For some instances, the part of the problem arising out of laboratories is "Elohim Fiscal Return", which produced a variety of varieties, in which the companies decided to "further risk" despite the limited chance of success "in the new drug development. Spend out spending, which is why the sector is used as a reason to prove high prices.

However, for the WHO, it is not correct for four reasons. The first is that "the value of these doses is little or less with research and development expenses." The other is that "earned income is already in place". Third, the "low cost will increase the amount of the sale of the low-cost". Finally, the investigation of the report has been reviewed, the expense of these research is "committed by governments and nonprofit organizations, which have helped to provide new funding for the development of a new drug through direct funding or other evaluation."

The link associated with the patient's approval has been passed

Patients with cancer cancellation due to the survival and quality of life. It should be a specialist based on expert skills, with which the cost system of father's future is in the future. "After going to the market, they are required to take a look at medication and link the results to the results", said the Spanish President of Medical Oncology, Ruth Vera. "Now a medicine has been approved and is based on the results of tax-clinical trials, which will always be better than ever in the world, but we have very little knowledge about effective benefits that it receives from the global level of diabetes. The future should come here, "Added the visa, which wants to highlight" the unique success of the progress in the present years of the present dancers. "

Marx Javascript has been headed for two decades in the Archaeological Pharmacy section of the Will Dibberone Hospital in Barcelona. During this period, he has seen that the cumulative expenditure component for "auto-treatment" has been increased beyond the surface level, if there is no restriction, will make the entire economy dangerous. " Carterly agreed that "it is necessary to reinforce the effectiveness of these medicines and pay accordingly." "We're paying a price of thousands of euros to once show that it shows good data in the experience but has been reviewed." For this reason, it assumes that "Governments should have the necessary values ​​to adopt the clear method of policy". "The industry will not do it," he concluded.

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