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The message of Demi Lemma's explanation further states: "I feel …"


After becoming more influenced by this, American singer, Demi Lourta, wrote a strong message on her Twitter account, where her health was discussed. In addition to this he explained that he is still "the time to healing".

Demi Lovato left a message about her well.
Demi Lovato left a message about her well.

He spends his life almost a bit after the fall, Demi Lovato Three months of treatment can be restored after treatment of 26 years. Now, Ghacor publishes a powerful message to illustrate different versions of his own.

In the face of extensive rumors about health condition, Demi Lovato He decided to break the rhetoric and used his Twitter account to convey the message about his or her.

The singer wrote "" I feel that something like a world needs to be known, I'll do it myself. People, I stopped writing about my rest, this is not my work. I am very happy and the great favor of living and capable of keeping me alive. "

In addition to this, she emphasized: "I am very lucky to rest with my family at this time, rest, work in my mind, body and soul, and when I'm ready back."

Demi Lovato She was hospitalized on 24th July to live her life. Initially it was thought that it was heroin, but ultimately, it was confirmed that it was a funeral, a strong material, and the same as Amir, the cause of death.

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