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The moving story of Simon, a dog that was attacked by Yarara after three children were saved


Antidotes to creep poison are not available in the province of Mendoza for animals; the story was in the social networks of the virus and the environment minister, who allowed the dose, intervened Credit: Facebook

Valeria Centeno lives in El Challao,


, with her partner, three children and her dogs. On Friday night, the cries of horror of his eldest daughter, who played with his brothers in the courtyard of his house, announced that something serious had happened. His dog Simon was bruised with snake yarra, in the protection and protection of children.

Valeria saw that her pet began showing signs of poisoning in the snout, but was informed that in the province, antibodies against creeping poison are not accessible to the animals. According to the Los Andes newspaper, it's because there are only a few doses reserved for people.

Desperate woman shared her story

social networks

, as a way to ask for help. The solidarity of the community, which was driven by the law of Simon, did not last long. "I was a lot of people who helped me make my little thing good," Valeria wrote.

Environmental Secretary and Land Planning Mendozy Humberto Mingorance was notified and intervened to help the dog. Valeria said, "He told me to get a dose of an antibody, unfortunately I managed to get him twelve hours after the attack, so I have to wait and see my Simon continue."

The dog was attacked by snake yarra when he tried to defend his owner
The dog was attacked by snake yarra when he tried to defend his owner Credit: Facebook

There are many people who have been absorbed in the heroic act of this pet and those who are alert to the claims that Valeria has on her Facebook on the health of her dog. "My dog ​​is very strong, so I know he will get into the future," the woman said in one of the heartfelt publications.

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