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The US Court is due to 4-A by APPF


The US Supreme Court should decide whether to accept or reject any unusual application made by the lawyers or in the Argentine courts of the country. Or, it's failed, the court will consult the court of the Trumpet government to see how it works. On the other hand, the Bordford Fund, which has emerged in the first and in the first half, will ask that the court rejects Argentina's arguments and sign the position of two-thirds to their position.

The judgment of the court will depend on whether the Mosseyee Mackey government should be in the US $ 3,000-way to pay for claiming claimants.

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The year's description of this year, when in New York's Southern Directory Court, confirmed the decision of the first decision of Thomas Garcia, who refuses to claim "the triumph of trial" against the WWF. The decision has been taken to the Bonus Airways in the case of the FFP of the country. Argentine again appealed and reached him to the Supreme Court.

This is a real claim that, through the Cold Warship Warranty Fund, started $ 3,000, which originally bought litigate rights for Paterson Group companies. Now we should wait till the court wants to resolve the judicial issue and wait for the final decision.

Bronfor claims to claim that the revenues of the Spiderman Spiderman payout of the 2012 nationality oil oil company were more than 49%. This is a part of the money (approximately $ 1 billion) in the Burford Fund defender. It is still a secret (though there is any kind of suspicion) about the rights of millions of other millions of dollars which must be compulsory to the country. Some of these are the strong (and most relevant) local political leaders of the statement of the tenant claim to claim money rights. There are a few hopes from Argentine. In more than June 15, the defense deficit used by the country to make more salaries in New York.

Bringford's arrival came on April 8, 2015, after giving a payment to the court of the late Thomas Garcia's court, another example of New York came, and the judge referred to Judge Lawrence Perica on November 11, 2015. May 2016. Preska finally endorsed Argentina and YPF (in favor of Berfordford) in October 2016 and presented the decision of Mauritius's government to the Chamber, which began to begin tomorrow. This case was started by the oil tanker's loss of domestic company, but at the same time by the Spanish companies, Petin Angeria and Petrian Anurorora, both Petrians grouped by the Pererson Group, 25% of the YPF and Nasir from the president. Corner entered into the oil company.

The Patterson Group is now out of the claim and is entitled to collect, so it is a great mystery for megawatts (now) who is partnering with Snowford. If the person (or the people) or the assistants receive, if Argentine loses trial, the country has to pay dollars dollars. Due to this reason, in June 19, (after hearing first) Brodford sold 15% of his $ 66 million trial to his shareholder. In this operation, after the establishment of Sindhi capital fund failure, the price was applied specifically in judicial proceedings that was applied to US $ 3,000, which was US $ 4,000. United States

Analyzer has been claimed, and claims to be self-sufficient, which can only be explained for one reason: Bourford is the test and the general perception. It does not exceed 35%. This means that the remaining 75% claim of the claim is owned by a third party, which can be obtained, if the ruling is positive, about 2.25 billion dollars. Who can this third actor do? Only one knows what is Bernard. It can be an Argentine or foreign investment. This may be a proprietary fund or any person or host that has been claimed to be a "Sanitary Judge" for the country. This company may be a former or existing shepherd. Or even a special person. For example, a group of politicians or politicians.

There is no expertise in Broadfour Financial Investigation (most energy or oil in the world.) But its property is generally a mega-legal mutation for bank companies or dial companies, which are predictable for those who are formerly demanding cash Are there Closing and competing. It was the case of Pietersen, after the 51% analysis of the YPF's analysis, Nissor Kaneer agreed in the time of 25% failed to buy, and forced to join. Prior to this, he clarified that he decided to re-amend the FCCFF in the new PHHD and could not decide on the Argentine government to be explicitly prohibited. This is based on the claims of Berfordford, whose oil company was headed by public publishing (OPA), as in 1993, appeared in the law described in the law described in the President of Carlos Mineem. Here, in the context of the acquisition of an area of ​​Argentina Oil Company, in its own New York Stock Exchange, which made an offer for all parts of the market.

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