Monday , July 4 2022

The US government launched the first national security for 2018 vacancies in Spacecraft


Elon Musk Spexex launched the first national security footage of the US government (especially the Air Force) on Sunday, as a whole of total $ 711 million, with an HTTletlet of HTML, built by Lapl Martin, from the Capconnell to Falcon 9. On the rocket 8:51 pm, G. Guardian Told us

Launch itself was delayed several times in the last week according to Once the first station of the Rocket 9 rocket read an unexpected center and repeatedly repeated about the climatic season. One way In Launch, it was written that the current government should be avoided due to next reason because of the release of the television because it has been allocated for 2019 for defense defenses.

The GPSS Satellite Spacex is launched on Sunday (Vespucci) is one of the next generation, which ultimately helps to provide more accurate geographic services, though Milan It is written that the air force is still working on ground-based systems to operate.

SpaceXPail Load GPS is a GPSSMS 01 project, the first 10-hour TV titanium project is launched. It had already been in the Air Force's existing GPS Nebleletion, and when the new system is fully operational, it's three times more accurate than ever to use GPS. For some years, Air Force is still working on the groundwater control system to control the next generation of innovation.

CSP's Talletlet also strives to prevent signal jamming as a strong transmitter also.

Falcon 9 did not retry landing at first step, because the phone was too heavy and distributed very high on the rocket's class, which completed the performance requirements in the recyclable configuration.

"There was no just a residency to meet our homes and it was allowed to withdraw the first steps for this mission," said Water Laundry, Air Force's Speech Center and Problem System Center (SSC) Launch Interview System Center. The Director's Main Directory told the former journalist. According to this month. However, add more to the future GPS mission mission depending on the flight results from the mission of the evening, and trying to restore the first stage.

According to Garnier, the 32-kilometer time is the total production of three athletes at the cost of $ 18 billion for Shaheed Shaheed. Initially with the launch in 2014. Launching next year will start launching.

[The Guardian]

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