Thursday , September 23 2021

They arrested the Los Paz, who rejected Los Monos for the murder of his son

He killed the murder of his son, for which he condemned the murder of "Los Monos" this year.. Tomorrow he has been arrested in Rosario. He was under the trafficking trafficking and money launch investigation. Luis Paz was arrested in the framework of an operation by the Central Central Police, which included 24 cars of Santa F. and Inari Rice.

In addition to the paz, the psychologist promoted him to "Monkey Monkey" after his son's crime.

Some of the various attacks 800 grams of cocaine, one kilo marijuana, weapons and cell phones.

Hi, researcher says, He would be a leader of an organization dedicated to counter terrorism and he was the owner of illegal business production assets.

His name was transferred publicly when he brought him to the General Court Santa Fu in case Laud Monsoon was brought to Nicola Rollenburg, on which he attributed him to his son Martin "Faxassa" Paz, in September 2012. It happened

Although this murder has never been clarified, the file was based on the judicial investigation of the judge, arrested Juan Carlos Vienna, tried to try 12 members of the organization, and was sent.

Last April, a judge of the "Criminal" massacre, sentenced Ariel "Gil" to 22 years imprisonment and punished her poster brother Ramon Macho, "Monchi" for 37 years.

According to the local researcher, after his death of his son and the Klan fight against the Controller, the family is killed Monsoon, settled in Paz Santa Fe city and linked to Munich's trade.

He became aware that Judge Vienna appeared in photos during the boxing match in the US, which was investigated by the murder of his son, with which Los Monsoon was defeated.

Judge acknowledged that he should be arrested on the pail mile in his house, traveling to prison with the US, although a photo showed them in the event of events in four nearby seasons, as well.

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