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They look for a small world, the most popular information about solar systems


The astronomer of astromagnetic discovery has discovered a small diameter of 500 kilometers per 120 kilometer unit.

They look for a small world, the most popular information about solar systems

A new winter was discovered solar system / web away

The International Laboratory Alliance (IIYY) announced a globalization of approximately 500 kilometers of 2018 VG18 or Forward Discovery, which is known from the solar system, has become the most populous. This body is particularly exhibited by pink color that it indicates that it is partly formed with ice.

Farhat is 120 kilomuncic units (between the distance between sunrise and sun and is equal to 150 million kilometers). Until then, Eritree was a far-known little star, more than 96, in most of the best known plots (34 ACE).

One of the interesting aspects of this discovery is that 2018 VG18 or Forever is far beyond the sun, which is covered with outer surface (gypsy, stomach, urine or nipples) from outside the surface, its origin was similar to one another Still more in an unknown solar system to see the effect.

In fact, since 2014, astronomers are looking for a major objection known in the letter as a hole or a snack. For this reason, at that time many dangers have been found in these places, as it is now compassionate, or it is a small cave named Gobal in October. The discovery was done by the Corinthian Institute of Science, Died Tholin, the University University, and Chaprojo Sciences of University of North Arizona, Scott S. Schepade. It is possible to see the observation of Subaru telescopes in Los Campus Welelovio (Chile) in the Telescope (Hawaii, USA) and Magazines telescope.

Currently, the scope of the spectrum is unknown, although Ship and Tutin have known that its year, it is time to surround the sun, can be more than 1,000 thousand years ago.

However, this information allows you to find possible markers of the presence of Satellular Sections, especially when the goblin's essence is incompatible with its existence. The existence of Planet N or Sunnet X was introduced by the team of Sciences in 2014, when they discovered an object called 2012 VP113 and is on the rise from 84 yards. The 2018 VG18 is far away and it runs more slowly than the solar system is concerned, so it will be an estimating year of its capacity, "said Ship Scandal's Mary." But it has been found in the same area of ​​the sky where the solar All other systematic objections have been found, which is the fact that it may be the same as many. These small and intriguing institutions, in line with several aspects of interaction, were a catalyst for our true claim, which is a long and tremendous, hundred hundred, "little" these little things. "Is that the same? Is there an existing unlimited set of solar system?

Discount water discovers in the illness binary

Siege's "NASA, Speecher Description, Resources Identification, Security-Rejuvenation Explorer" (Overseas-Rexus), NASA, is available in the river Bino, which is an airport in 400 meters wide. The more dangerous to the planet is. One week after the investigation was announced, a synthetic 900 mg of metabolism, 2 years' journey followed Ashmore and traveled 3,200 million kilometers

The main mission of Oysaris-Rex is to bring it back to the Earth in 2023, to study the surface of binocytride and to level its gram 60 grams and two kilograms. Chemical composed materials, as it is a static which has been formed after the solar system.

At this point, the data obtained through both the spirits of OSIRIS-REX, Overseas and Oyster devices, is the presence of the oxygen and the presence of the ozone-ozone. Researchers suspect that these invoices are all over the air.

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