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On December 21, it was an extraordinary show, three days of events occurred in the middle of the morning in the morning.

First of all this was the situation where two other incidents occurred. On the occasion, the sequence of the sequence was recorded, which was in front of Feroz, in every gold.

Thus it is the smallest day of the year in the north's golf, and therefore, the longest night of the year. There is a known winter sauce.

While in the south of the south, on the other hand, it is the longest day and is a short night of the year, and it is called summer engagement.

Its main factor is that the surroundings of the Earth surround. Therefore, the quantity of light received by each part of the Earth is different throughout the year. Solstice marks two moments, June and December, in which the Earth's Sun exposes to its highest temperament.

After sixty-eight hours in the winter north of the winter, the request began to begin, as many artists celebrated it as a rebuild.

Cold moon

In the night, the whole moon was seen, December 1, 2018.

This moon is called the "cold moon" because it comes to the north of the influx of climate, and it was the same time as the night moon is also called near, as NASA is described.

Shower room

This special moon shows a little shower of the night, which goes every year.

According to Geologist Tourore Nis in Magazine Forbes, this rainfall started on December 17 and increased to 24.

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