Wednesday , September 28 2022

Volkswagen introduced a new call for competition with the Fiat Bull – 25 Digital


Volkswagen introduced a new car that competes with Fiat Bull

The San Pablo Autosalon was the framework that Volkswagen chose to unveil a new pickup prototype (Tarok), which could become a reality in a short period of time.

The model is characterized by its size, located between Saveiro and Amarok, the smallest and median of German. It measures 4.90 meters and can dispose of up to one tonne.

With a very prominent front part with a strip of ice lights that stand out in the concept, this vehicle comes to complete the segment that opens the Bull and was very successful, measuring just one millimeter more, because it is 4, 91 meters long.

No details were given on the engine, but the unit displayed 4Motion, so everything means 4×4 traction.

Inside is the top 100% digital tool, which is common in new models of this brand.

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