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Forget Mac’s new MacBook Pro, Apple has something better


Updated Sunday 17 October; The article was originally posted on October 16thGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

This next week will see Apple’s “Unleashed” event, which launches on the MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16. If you’re talking about this new macOS laptop, let’s say, at least Mac Mac Pro MacBook Pro 13 last year. The launch was made. M1 chip. But these are Macbooks you should think about?

Updated: Sunday 17 October. Prior to the launch of the new MacBook, there had already been discussion and discussion around the screen. In pictures, on the Chinese social media site Weibo, the new display for Apple’s FaceTime camera has added the ability to ‘punch out’ holes in the hype. Hartley Charlton talks about potential design*

“[posts say that] The new MacBook Pro will show a standard size icon rather than the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 lineup today. Instead of having a Face ID TrueDepth camera on the iPhone, the MacBook Pro’s signature apparently has a 1080p web camera, a true tone sensor, and a microphone.

“Although chopped off the top of the display, Apple says it has failed to deliver the MacBook Pro to four quarters of the width. This notch design also shows that the new head of the Mac Hell MacBook Air will arrive in 2022. “

While this principle is correct, after arriving too late in the day when the supply channel is med and the way it behaves this makes it a little but not impossible (Suppose Tanama Shimura). They will also need to get OS OS in macOS and in any first or third party applications, especially those that work in fullscreen mode, and there is no sign of this curiosity as the quadratic resolution listed. And a historical hobby for 16 years. : 10 ratio screens.

One thing I would encourage you to note is the details that will come out of the screen in the MacBook Air Update 2022. Be the most expensive.

Let’s take a look at some bullet points for the upcoming macOS laptops.

Setup is already removing the suggested touch bar and the return of function keys. While the Touch Bar promises much more when it was launched, the fact that it was never fully universal on the entire macOS platform means that it can only be considered a secondary feature by developers. Everything is available in the touch bar so that apps will run on the hardware and MacBooks at the very top of the portfolio.

The high-end MacBook Pro will fall in line with everything else.

Then there are the specifications. Much will be written about the unused capabilities of the new MacBook Pros with the M1X chips listed above. For those who are working with heavy-duty multimedia and processor development, it will be welcomed for the vast majority of users in a portable device that these laptops are weighing the power of.

At the beginning of the Apple Live Apple II specification on apps with 512 GB SSD storage and 16 GB of RAM (and remember to get Apple’s key markup on memory and storage on spec Macs), you’ll need to ask yourself. Do you still need a machine when the spring is far from your needs?

Finally you have the new display technology. Changing to the mini-LED (adopting the iPad Pro), vibrant colors are catching the eye of the consumer as today’s bezels bring Apple’s design closer to a competing laptop. This screen technology has already been allocated to the MacBook Air family, which is expected to be updated in the first half of 2022. Apple’s traditional March launch might be a good bet for this launch.

If your only idea is the screen, then you have the far-right option next year.

Running through them here, you’ll find that Apple’s remaining laptop range runs quite smoothly with function keys, offering explanations and offers you don’t need, and significant visual changes will soon be available in the portfolio. later on.

Now consider the high-end part of the MacBook Pro portfolio, usually starting at $ 1800, almost double the price of last year’s highly-qualified MacBook Air… The MacBook Air, which offers all the new benefits of the Pro Pro. in a user-friendly package. General Chat Chat Lounge

As a fashionable sportswear manufacturer, Apple is keeping everything in the top line machine at the show and selling it at a top line sticker price. The real value will be found where the same technology is available in macOS laptops which is suitable for everyone.

Apple has plans to do so. Keep this in mind when large numbers, shiny forecasts, and shiny cases will appear on Mondays.

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